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Initially we quickly pivoted and used our supply chain contacts to bring in disposable face masks in the short term due to our traditional business being significantly affected by the Pandemic. As the situation intensified with the realisation that face coverings were going to be here for a while, we set about developing a brand new range that would be practical and also sit well as a gift.
We created and launched The Glasgow Mask Company brand with stand alone logo, packaging and marketing collateral.
As we continued to evolve the range, we engaged with our customers and used different materials to offer our retailers different price points to suit their markets.
We supported this with sourcing new display stands both for counter tops and stand-alone to present the range in an engaging way.
With a product such as this, peace of mind of the end user is crucial, which is why (with the exception of silk) all of our masks include at least one 5 layer pm2.5 filter. This product research was invaluable as the Welsh Government insisted on at least a 3 layer mask- our masks exceeded this demand and subsequently we sold many masks in Wales!
In designing the range, we wanted the product to be bright and vibrant as well as practical to give our customers the opportunity to stock a new product that is very "of the moment." In addition to the quality look and design , all of our masks are practical, adjustable, most have flexible nose clips, are robust and washable,
Our range has continually evolved and now has over 80 designs including tartan, ditsy floral, national flags, polka dots, sequin and Paisley Pattern. We also used seasonal hooks around Halloween and Christmas to keep the range relevant and to encourage repeat purchase. We extended the brand to create a Lux Range which included sequin and 100% silk. All of our silk masks are presented in a lovely gift box and very well presented. We have even created tweed masks that match our Heritage Collection Peaky Caps, gloves and waistcoats!
As the Pandemic continued we recognised the need to have a dedicated e-commerce platform and in June launched to sell direct at a full retail price point. Using both our in-house knowhow and engaging with a Digital Marketing Agency we developed Social Media collateral and campaigns to support the site. This has gone from strength to strength. with glowing reviews and a 4.5/5 Trust Pilot score.
All of the hard work and effort has ultimately paid off as we also gained significant listings with key retailers. One of which is WH Smith Travel in all airports and mainline train stations. Due to the lockdown conditions we needed to look to different markets who were fairing better. To this end we established listings with Dobbies, William Strike and Capital Gardens Centres as well as many other independents as these businesses were able to trade through and thrive during the various lock-downs.
From a standing starting start in April to research, launch and bring to market The Glasgow Mask Company, we have sold over 350,000 masks. In doing so it has allowed the company to trade-through a very challenging time and given a much needed product to the market.
Most encouraging of all is a near 100% re-order rate with our trade customers which is testament to out collective effort.

Materials Description

It was important we offer a range for different price points and markets. To this end we have used elastane, cotton, 100% silk and tweed.

Product Launched 04/05/2020

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Category: Fashion Accessories

Created by Eurostick, we quickly developed and launched a new brand of face-masks in response to the COVID Pandemic. Initially to complement our range of souvenirs, it has quickly become a massive success in its own right.
100% Pure Silk Mask RRP: £19.99
Cotton or Polyester Mask RRP: £7.99
Tweed Mask RRP: £9.99

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Chris Terris
The Glasgow Mask Company
Tel: 01412809702

Product Dimensions

Width = 210mm

Depth = 5mm

Height = 150mm

89Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • We sourced wire spinners for till points to allow our customers to showcase the range in one place and to create a pick-up option at point of purchase. The stand also made merchandising and ordering easier.
  • We sourced large, high quality wooden spinners for customers taking a larger range of products. This made merchandising and re-ordering easier and gave customers the opportunity to see the whole range in one place.
  • We undertook professional photography of each mask and shared this with our retailers for both POS and their own Social Media
  • High Quality packaging created with Euroslot, clear product information and care instructions. All supplied in a re-usable sealed zip lock pouch.

Designed in the UK