How much does it cost?

The cost to enter is £85. For this, you can enter up to a range of 6/8 products that fit together as a range. The cost to enter for non-members is £135. We also offer bundles which reduce the price per entry. 

How do I enter?

It's super easy. You can create an account here, upload your details and enter your products. We have made the competition entry as simple as we can. You upload images, Videos, and descriptions and shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes. 

What are the key dates of the competition?

What is the closing Date? – November 30th 2023 (subject to change)

When is the shortlist announced? – January 2024

When are the winners announced? – May 2024

Can I enter a range of products?

Yes, you can enter up to a range of 6/8 products, which counts as one entry. Any queries about what you think will work have a look at our past entrants or get in touch with us.

Can I enter something I entered last year?

No, we don’t usually allow this, as the competition is looking for the best new products, but if it’s a variation of an existing product or new colourways then this is fine. 

Who are the Judges?

The judges are made up of retailers, buyers, bloggers, vloggers, industry press and industry experts. You can view them on our judge's page here...alternatively if you would like to be a judge then please get in touch.

What will the judges be judging the products on?

The products are judged on many attributes, but essentially, they are looking for the wow factor and the below:

  • Design, innovation and originality
  • The WOW factor
  • Presentation and packaging
  • Quality of build and design
  • Customer appeal and value
  • Sales potential and commercial viability
  • Retail profit potential
  • Marketing and merchandise material

Do I need to send my actual products to you?

Yes,  The last two years we have hosted the live judging at Sring Fair, so your products are visable to both the judges but also the Spring Fair audience and has attracted a lot of attention over the years.  We will only request your products once you have made the shortlist and ask for you to send them to us then with the correct labels. If you are exhibiting at Spring Far you can bring them to us there.

Where do I find the address labels?

You can find them right here and the product description labels are here.