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Many of my customers tell me stories behind their purchases. Architecture plays an important role in our lives. We grow up, study, work and socialise in and around it.
I create products that hold special meaning to people.
As I am keen to showcase the beauty and design in every building, I aim to include as much detail as possible. In some cases detail and highlights that are not visible from ground level. This gives the viewer a greater appreciation of the effort that went into creating their favourite buildings.
My wooden decorations are double sided, as this gives the product greater weight and depth, and shows that I consider a product from all angles.
I create buildings from all eras, and this surprises people. When they see their favourite Brutalist library or hidden church, they are impressed to know that others have their same interests.
Museums and heritage sites are also appreciate the support that local artists want to help promote their buildings and visitors to gift shops love the tactile decorations that you would not normally expect to see.

Materials Description

Laser Cut Plywood - Wooden Decorations
300 msg Tintoretto Gesso Paper - Greeting cards.

Product Launched 01/11/2023

Category: Design & Craft

Wooden Decorations and Greeting Card combinations. The wooden decorations can be hung up and displayed anywhere using the attachable stand. The greeting cards are made using thick paper, ideal for framing.

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RRP: £18.00

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Mr Thomas Parry
Made On The Canal
Tel: 07519379259
E: tcparry@hotmail.co.uk

Product Dimensions

Width = 110mm

Depth = 30mm

Height = 110mm

30Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK