NASA Electric Paint Kit

Fizz Creations Ltd.

Blast off into your own cosmic adventure with the NASA Electric Paint Kit! Let your creativity soar as you illuminate your space-themed creations with the magic of electric paint. Chart your intergalactic journey effortlessly, bringing your scenes to life with just a touch. This DIY kit is your ticket to exploring the boundless universe of creativity. So, gear up, artists and inventors – get ready to electrify your imagination and light up the galaxy with the NASA Electric Paint Kit! Let the cosmic crafting begin!

Materials Description

Paper & Card

Product Launched 01/09/2023

Category: Design & Craft

Create your own cosmic launch pad with the NASA Electric Paint Kit! Illuminate your space adventure with ease as you use electric paint to chart your path, making your scene come to life with a simple touch!

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RRP: £14.99

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Mrs Zoe Ryan
Fizz Creations Ltd.
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Product Dimensions

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1Piece in the range

Designed in the UK