Warner Friends Bath Salts Pizza Box

Mad Beauty Ltd

The bath salts! They're starting to effervesce! It's different. It's interesting.....
Remember the episode..
We all need a little extra fizz in our life and these vibrant bath salts is the way to go.
Draw a bath a bath Chandler Bing would be proud of, all you need now is a submarine..

Materials Description


Product Launched 01/08/2020

Category: Branded Gift

Inspired by the 'Joey doesnt share food' quotes this Friends Superfood Bath Salts Pizza Box is the perfect Friends pamper gift. 8 pizza slices with fragrances such as Honey, Green Tea, Coconut & Passionfruit, to bring the senses alive.
Friends Bath Salts Pizza Box RRP: £12.99

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Product Dimensions

Width = 2000mm

Depth = 500mm

Height = 2000mm

1Piece in the range

Designed in the UK