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We wanted to create a more sustainable ‘gifts with a purpose’ range of tech that could also create a bond between parent and child as they work together to create the product. Simplicity was also a key, we wanted to make the kits accessible to everyone – you don’t need any tools nor do you need to be an artistic aficionado to Make Your Own Tech. When developing the range we wanted to embrace a retro theme, in terms of the end product but also in the trend driven, gender neutral colour scheme adopted on the packaging. The range comprises of seven unique lines with widespread appeal and was recently joined by our best-selling Make Your Own Lie Detector which underwent a complete makeover and redesign to sit within the range. The paper based nature of both the packaging and product from a business perspective has allowed us to produce selected lined in an alternative style guide for major retailers such as Primark and Morrisons – who have both sold the Make Your Own Radio with their own look and feel.

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Product Launched 01/03/2020

Category: Tech & Gadgets

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Our latest tech line combine the fun of gadgets and gizmos whilst embracing day to day practicalities with a novel twist. People will love getting stuck in as they craft their very own piece of tech – radios, torches, games… something for everyone!
Make Your Own Arcade Game RRP: £24.99
Make Your Own Buzzer RRP: £14.99
Make Your Own Lie Detector RRP: £9.99
Make Your Own Radio RRP: £19.99
Make Your Own Sketcher RRP: £14.99
Make Your Own Synth RRP: £19.99
Make Your Own Torch RRP: £14.99

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Fizz Creations Ltd.
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7Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK