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Why I have entered the Silk Pillowcases for the awards I hope that you will consider the ‘This Is Silk’ pure silk pillowcases worthy! I had never thought to enter the awards until a customer recommended that I try, because she buys silk pillowcases for all her gifts now. The customer had rung up to place an order because she had told her daughter that she didn’t want or need anything for her birthday, but her daughter had lent her (the mother) her own pillowcase and to her surprise she loved it so much she bought one for herself, and then for everyone she knew. Because of her, I would like you to consider the silk pillowcase as a gift for people who think they have everything! This unassuming little product completely transforms the lives of people who use them. The benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases are clear from the very first night of use. Skin is less dry and better hydrated, hair is smoother and less frizzy and the enjoyment that comes from putting your head down on silk cannot be overstated. A Silk pillowcase is that rare thing of something which is on one view completely and utterly functional – literally, a case for a pillow, and yet sleeping on a silk one really elevates it into a sublime and genuinely useful, beneficial and enjoyable experience. It really does bring joy and enhances the critical function of sleep for us all. History / Science behind Silk When I founded This Is Silk in 2018, I brought to the business my love of silk with its rich and complex history (The Old Silk Roads), and combined it with my very keen interest in its science. I am obsessed with it! Although silk has been around and much desired for 8,000 years or so, it is only recently that scientists have begun to fully unlock its secrets, which are astounding. For example, they recently found that strawberries dipped in silk powder remained fresher for much, much longer and are now looking at silk to solve our food wastage and spoiling problems! The same principle applies to our skin. The reasons silk works so powerfully on skin and hair are twofold. Firstly, on a molecular level, silk has much in common with our skin. Silk and skin share 18 of the same amino acids, which is why silk is very well tolerated (it is hypoallergenic) by skin. The amino acids nourish our skin and have been proven to increase the rate of cellular regeneration. (in other words, healing). They have also been scientifically proven to increase the moisture levels of the skin. On a related note, silk does not absorb moisture, which means that unlike cotton, silk will not suck up the skin’s natural oils nor applied serums, leaving skin better hydrated and plumper looking. The second reason is to do with friction and abrasion. We all toss and turn to some degree when we sleep and although cotton looks smooth, on a microscopic level cotton and other fibres are remarkably coarse. The overall effect is like an 8 hour exfoliation which leaves skin dry and accelerates the ageing process. Our Silk has been woven into a charmeuse fabric specifically for its smoothness, which minimises significantly that friction. For hair, the same principles apply. People (both men and women) notice much less frizz and ‘bedhead’ because the silk doesn’t drag on hair, like cotton and other fibres do. The Packaging I wanted people who buy the silk pillowcases or receive them from others to have a ‘journeying’ or ‘discovery’ process with the Silk, akin to travelling on the Old Silk Road, or as some kind of discovery of the wonders of Silk, so a lot of effort was put into the design of the box. I was told by more experienced business owners that the amount of text on the box would put people off, but actually, people write in to tell me how much they like the box, and it is a pleasure to teach them more about the silk. I want them to really feel a connection and a purpose behind the product. So the experience begins when they receive the box. On the front, they can read what the silk will do for them, and with that in mind when they open the box, they can then see the silk perfectly pressed with its lustre gleaming. It is at that point that they experience that primal desire for the beautiful fabric – the same feeling that has made silk such a rare and expensive commodity throughout the ages. Why a Silk Pillowcase is the perfect gift for anyone I know I am biased but I do think a silk pillowcase from This Is Silk is a perfect gift for all people and all occasions: - Both men and women buy silk – for themselves and as gifts. Men tend to choose darker colours - Silk is a natural product and a completely natural way to improve skin and hair, a true ‘clean beauty’ product - Silk helps with all skin conditions – it helps those with sensitive skin, it helps teenagers with hormonal skin, it helps people who are suffering from hot flashes (menopausal women, cancer sufferers and eczema and allergies - Silk pillowcases regulate our temperature making sleep more restful and we now know how critical sleep is. Silk is an especial boon to people deprived of sleep, for example new mothers and fathers, shift workers, people who need to rest for health reasons. - Silk is incredibly tactile and the way it feels against skin is undeniable. Customers who work in stressful jobs feed back that they like how resting on silk feels like a treat at the end of a day. I am sure it aids a sense of relaxation at bedtime - This Silk has been chosen to be low maintenance – the 22 momme silk means it is soft yet durable, so whilst handwashing is better, it can be machine washed. - Everyone needs to sleep, and everyone has a it can benefit everyone! - The range comes in a variety of colours and is now offered in a king size version, owing to customer demand. - Its informative and design-led box makes it a very easily giftable item. - It can be given to any age group (apart from babies, from whom I have designed a flat half silk cot sheet so they get the benefits of silk too!)

Materials Description

The Pillowcases are made of pure mulberry Silk. There are a lot of types of Silk, but one we have has been woven specially for us into a charmeuse Silk. The Grade is 6A, which is the longest fibre, resulting in a smoother fabric. The weight is 22 momme, which means that the Silk is thick enough to last. The Silk comes from a farm which has been in the same family for four generations now. They know their silk. It is then woven and cut and sewn by expert seamstresses. (Sewing silk takes skill because the fabric is very slippery) These seamstresses are paid well and treated well. I visited my supplier unannounced in order to assess working conditions. Silk is a very environmentally friendly fabric. Its production requires mulberry trees and no pesticides are used during the production of (our) Silk. The production of silk is a carbon sink and silk composts to nothing, nourishing the earth as it does so. It composts quickly.

Product Launched 01/01/2018

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The ‘This Is Silk’ pure mulberry silk pillowcase is a beautifully packaged, high quality silk pillowcase. Making the one, small change of swapping a cotton pillowcase for a Silk one brings myriad skin, hair and wellbeing benefits.
Queen (Standard) Size 50 x 75 cm RRP: £49.99

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Product Dimensions

Width = 150mm

Depth = 110mm

Height = 42mm

12Pieces in the range

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