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We are delighted to unveil our new Naturals Collection. As manufacturers, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our plastic output and wherever possible, to work with more environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The new Naturals Collection uses minimal plastic packaging and is recyclable once used. The range features 100% soy wax candles and essential oils making it perfect for eco-conscious consumers. Responding to trends we are seeing in the marketplace, the range is beautifully presented in amber glass vessels with craft paper labels and diffuser boxes only. Each fragrance is available in a 45 hour, double wick jar candle with metal lid, as a 170ml scented diffuser with rattan stocks in a gift box and as a multipurpose scent oil in a glass bottle. We present three beautiful new fragrances in our Naturals Collection; Bergamot & Rose, Cedarwood & Log Fire, and Eucalyptus & Pine. Each is wonderfully delicate and pure, with natural, earthy qualities that will transport you to a tranquil, calm place. Eucalyptus & Pine - Discover a forest canopy of intoxicating woody pine, blended with citrus-crisp eucalyptus. Bring the wilderness home with this rich, harmonic fragrance complemented by spruce, balsam and fir. Bergamot & Rose - Discover a beautifully nostalgic and rejuvenating fragrance that drifts on a breeze. Reminisce with top notes of earthy bergamot and morning rose, opening with light and luminous geranium, balsam and verbena. Cedarwood & Log Fire - Discover a fragrance that evokes memories of relaxing walks and roaring log fire, with top notes of bergamot and quince warmed by gentle sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli. The double wick scented soy candle contains 100% natural soy wax, and will burn for approximately 45 hours. It is presented in a lovely brown amber glass vessel with metal lid. The 170ml scented diffuser will last for approximately 24 weeks and is presented in a lovely brown amber glass bottle with black rattan sticks and craft paper-effect gift box. The 200ml scent oil will last for over 6 months and is presented in a lovely amber brown glass bottle with metal lid. This scent oil is suitable for oil burners, scented diffusers and re-fragrancing pot pourri.

Materials Description

100% Soy Wax Essential Oils Fragrance Oils Cotton Wicks Recyclable Glass Craft Paper Labels & Boxes DPM

Product Launched 01/07/2020

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Featuring 100% soy wax candles, essential oils and contains minimal plastic packaging. Featuring 3 fragrances each wonderfully delicate and pure, with natural, earthy qualities that will transport you to a tranquil, calm place. Vegan Friendly.
Naturals Candles RRP: £24.00
Naturals Diffusers RRP: £28.00
Naturals Scent Oil RRP: £18.00

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