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Heyland and Whittle

Heyland & Whittle, the award winning British soap and home fragrance manufacturer, are always inspired by Nature and take care and pride in creating fragrances with blends of essential oils that are true to those found in their garden, in the local Sussex countryside and discovered on their travels. And as Heyland & Whittle borrow from Nature, they take care to give back with good practices. This new eco collection takes their commitment as a business to care for the planet one big step further. For the first time they have created a collection of hand poured candles and reed diffusers that are contained in 100% recycled glass and packaged in 100% recycled card. The diffuser and candle vessels can be re-purposed again and again – as drinks glasses, hot beverage glasses, flower vases, biscuit and snack bowls, water and juice jugs and flower vases. The fragrant hand poured candles are made with a sustainable soy wax and essential oil blend for a clean, slow, even burn. There are three new fragrances in this collection, available as both diffuser and candle options. Geranium & Oud Fresh and rich Green, peppery Geranium blended with sweet, smoky Oud and fragrant hints of Rose, Jasmine and Praline – an opulent aroma reminiscent of the East Mint & Bergamot Uplifting and refreshing Fresh, cool Mint blended with zesty, citrussy Bergamot –the ‘just picked’ aroma of Summer. Hibiscus & White Tea Calming and relaxing Woody citrus notes of White Tea blended with gentle florals Hibiscus, Freesia and Jasmine - a gentle aroma with feel-good benefits

Materials Description

Diffusers - 100% Recycled cardboard box, 100% recycled glass, ethanol (alcohol denat) monopropylene glycol, parfum. Candles - 100% Recycled cardboard strap for reduced packaging, 100% recycled glass, Soy wax blend, parfum.

Product Launched 11/01/2021

Category: Home Fragrance

An eco-collection of fragrant, hand poured and blended soy candles and reed diffusers, housed in 100% recycled glass and packaged in 100% recycled card. This eco-collection helps customers to make more eco-friendly lifestyle choices in the home.
Candles RRP: £25.00
Diffusers RRP: £25.00

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Ursula Heyland
Heyland & Whittle
Tel: 01293 525825

Sharon Coombes
Heyland & Whittle
Tel: 01923 525825

Product Dimensions

Width = 75mm

Depth = 75mm

Height = 250mm

2Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • A Nature inspired eco-collection of aromatic home fragrances. These candles and reed diffusers are housed in recycled glass, which can be re-used and re-purposed, helping customers make more eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

Designed in the UK