299 Cats & a Dog

Laurence King Publishing

Have you got what it takes to assemble all 299 cats into a perfect puzzle? In this cunning cluster puzzle, there are no regular jigsaw shapes: each piece takes the outline of the cat itself. And there are 299 of them! Plus a dog. See if you can find it! • A jigsaw with a twist: no two shapes are the same, and each piece is a cat (except for one that's a dog) • Hours of maddening fun! • Charming illustrations by Léa Maupetit About the contributors: Léa Maupetit is a French illustrator living and working in Paris. Her clients include the New York Times and Möet Hennessy.

Materials Description

Paper, card

Product Launched 17/09/2020

Category: Contemporary Gift

A feline cluster puzzle of 299 cats and a dog!
RRP: £16.99

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Product Dimensions

Width = 267mm

Depth = 49mm

Height = 267mm

1Piece in the range

Designed in the UK