Worrywarts by Cured


Inspired by the Guatemalan worrydolls she received as a child comes a collection of stress relieving creatures handcrafted by artist Zoe Scott. Cast in solid concrete, they are ultra tactile and fit perfectly into the palm of your hand like a special pebble from the beach. They are designed to be held, displayed and snuggle into pockets.

The collection comprises five wonderfully crafted beings. Rinky, Dinky, Chief, Elder and Mighty are all special and highly collectible. They also have their own traits and characteristics which are cleverly conveyed on the windowed drawer style boxes. Rinky Worrywart (age 6) loves adventures and is a faithful companion where as Mighty Worrywart (age 195) has enduring determination and carries your burdens as well as pretty flowers! They come as a collection in 4 beautiful colours. Because they’re handcrafted each one has unique colour marbling, layering and beautiful swirls. The palette for ‘24 draws from Zoe’s rural Scottish studio setting in tones of red, teal and brown.

Since their soft launch in January 23 they have been flying off the shelves. The range has expanded from 3 designs to 5 and have been upgraded with product boxes. They offer a truly original gift that’s suitable for all ages and genders. Handmade in the UK and crafted with care.

Materials Description

Each creature is first formed in clay by hand before a bespoke silicone mould is created. This allows for each one to be exactly replicated in a wide range of colours. A custom blend of cement, sand and pigments are then hand mixed before being carefully poured in the moulds. After a week they are removed and allowed to set (cure) for another couple of weeks before they’re hand waxed and polished. The result is an ultra tactile concrete creation. They’re then carefully placed in their gift box which also cleverly informs about the creatures special skills! Made in small, mindful batches in Scotland by hand at every stage.

Product Launched 01/11/2023

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Category: Design & Craft

Meet the Worrywarts, a mindful collection of friends designed to take your worries away.

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Chief Worrywart RRP: £38.00
Dinky Worrywart RRP: £30.00
Elder Worrywart RRP: £38.00
Mighty Worrywart RRP: £38.00
Rinky Worrywart RRP: £30.00

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Zoe Scott
Cured Luxury Goods
Tel: 07887508699
E: scottzoe@ymail.com

Product Dimensions

Width = 60mm

Depth = 40mm

Height = 100mm

5Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK