DIY Bee Hotel Kit

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Welcome solitary bees into your garden and experience their pollinating powers with this DIY Bee Hotel Kit!

Made in the UK from sustainably sourced and grown panguaneta poplar wood, this kit is designed to be posted through your letterbox and constructed at home to provide a safe space for solitary bees to build nests within the tubes and lay their eggs.

Solitary bees are a joy to watch and are non-aggressive, therefore child and pet-friendly. They don't live in colonies (unlike bumblebees and honey bees) and are facing a crisis having lost much of their natural habitat - they need your help!

Gift to a nature-loving, animal-loving, or bee-loving friend.

The perfect gift to introduce others to the world of solitary bees via the post, suitable for small or large outdoor spaces. Position on a wall, balcony, courtyard, beside a windowsill, or community garden.

We offer an additional bee-spoke service to personalize your kit by engraving a family name or small message to the front of your bee hotel ✍

Each kit is manufactured in the UK, engraved, and shipped from our Devon-based studio.

Key product features:

*Plastic-free, no glue, no mess!
*Great family activity
*Buildable in under 20 minutes... or take your time!
*Packaging made from 70% recycled materials and FSC-certified cardboard.
*Replaceable 150mm long bee nesting tubes (available on our website) with side doors & key
*Instructions and installation checklist included.
*Step-by-step video accessible via QR code.
*Make it personal with our engraving service.
*We also plant one tree for every product sold... buzzing!

Flat-pack box dimensions: 320 x 230 x 20mm (WxHxD)
Constructed dimensions: 190 x 215 x 70mm (WxHxD)

Materials Description

*Wooden pieces - Made from PEFC™ and FSC® Certified Panguaneta poplar plywood.
*Bee nesting tubes - FSC Mix 70%
*Biodegradable branded tissue paper - made from FSC-certified, recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks. Home-compostable after use.
*Small pieces are contained within an up-cycled biodegradable bag.
*Letterbox packaging - made from 70% recycled materials and FSC-certified® board.
*Bee Hotel sleeve - Revive 100% FSC® Recycled Offset - 300gsm
*Sticker made from Compostable EN 13432 Certified Film

Product Launched 08/04/2023

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Category: Design & Craft

DIY Bee Hotel Kit (Letterbox Friendly) - Build your own home for solitary bees or gift to a nature lover in your life! Suitable for ages 12 to 112, made from sustainable materials and 100% plastic-free. Personalise for gifting, made in the UK.

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Non-personalised RRP: £24.99
Personalised engraving RRP: £29.99

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Faye Whitley
Beevive Ltd
Tel: 07890556098

Product Dimensions

Width = 320mm

Depth = 20mm

Height = 230mm

1Piece in the range

Designed in the UK