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Originally designed as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tumble dryer balls, my 100% pure wool variety are simply kinder on your clothes. Pop them in the tumble dryer with your usual laundry load and they’ll fluff up fabric and help dry your clothes all in one easy go.

Soft, strong, and very long lasting. They are tough little sheep too. Lasting for 1000s of loads, Little Beau Sheep laundry balls reduce the need for fabric softener and do away with disposable dryer sheets. Use them together with any of the laundry oils in Little Beau Sheep range and your laundry balls can scent and soften at the same time, diffusing a natural fragrance through your laundry. How good is that?

Little Beau Sheep laundry balls are nothing if not versatile. Outside of their normal duties, this flexible flock can take on a whole range of other tasks.

Keep seasonal clothes scented: like lots of other folk, I pack away winter woollies / summer clothes when they’re out of season to create extra wardrobe space. Thing is, when you unpack, they can be a bit stale or – dread of dreads – moth ravaged. So try this simple trick: dab a few laundry balls with some lavender oil, let them dry and pop them in with the clothes you’re packing away. Not only does it keep things fresh, it also deters those clothes munching moths.

Make your drawers a delight: put a couple of these little guys in your drawers – along with a dab or two of your favourite natural oil – and they’ll help keep contents fresh. Just like you’re your very own sheepish security staff, they’ll also guard against gate-crashing moths. This works just as well in airing cupboards too, by the way.

You can even scent a room in your house, not only do the sheep make a wonderful display but scented they can freshen up any room of your choice – pro tip - by popping them on the top of a radiator the heat will also diffuse the scent more quickly.

Or finally to freshen up your car: if your car’s anything like mine, it can become a bit of a skip – especially with two little ones to ferry about the place. Yes, I’m ashamed to say it’s not the tidiest of motors at times. However, with a couple of scented laundry balls on the parcel shelf, nasty niffs are well and truly parked.

Materials Description

Little Beau Sheep laundry dryer balls are handmade in Yorkshire from 100% British wool as certified by British Wool. Our products display the "Shepherd's crook" to indicate that the wool can be traced back to British farms. This not only supports our local farming industry, but also minimises that air-miles involved in the production of this product. Wool is also renewable and biodegradable, the original sustainable eco-product. And, by celebrating the natural colour of the un-dyed wool, (which are quite diverse between British sheep breeds) we are not adding any unnecessary chemical processes to the production.

The fragrances are derived from essential oils and blended to evoke different moods or simply to suit the item being laundered. They make the laundry, and the whole room, smell wonderful!

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Highly Commended
Used together with the laundry oils your laundry balls can scent and soften your laundry at the same time. When the sun is shining, and the dryer is not in use, they make the perfect little drawer freshener.
Herdwick Sheep & Laundry Fragrance RRP: £15.00
Herdwick Sheep and Lavender RRP: £15.00
Shetland Sheep and Laundry Fragrance RRP: £15.00
Shetland Sheep and Lavender RRP: £15.00
Suffolk Sheep and Laundry Fragrance RRP: £15.00
Suffolk Sheep and Lavender RRP: £15.00
Swaledale Sheep and Laundry Fragrance RRP: £15.50
Swaledale Sheep and Lavender RRP: £15.50

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Product Dimensions

Width = 90mm

Depth = 70mm

Height = 70mm

8Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • A5 display board

Designed in the UK