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Based in Sweden, Viking Toys is a small, family-run toy company with a big heart. Each toy featuring the Viking Toys’ colourful logo is designed and manufactured with care and love. When the company was founded in 1974, it was based around a dream to create the safest and most durable toys on the market – toys with open-ended play value, to enable children to develop their imaginations. That dream still inspires and defines the company today! “Our mission has always been to produce toys that are a sustainable alternative and an antidote to the prevailing throwaway culture, toys made to withstand play from one child to the next, year after year … these toys are so strong, they are almost indestructible! ” The Ecoline combines Viking Toys’ timeless design of durable non-toxic toys with an oil-free, plant-based material made from sugar cane – taking sustainability to a new level! Also 100% recyclable and with packaging made from recycled material, this range is the perfect choice for an eco-friendly purchase! On top of that, for every Ecoline Jumbo toy purchased, Viking Toys (together with 'One Tree Planted') plants a tree! Viking Toys’ are renowned for being soft, strong, and durable enough to last a lifetime, allowing them to be handed down to friends and family – a truly sustainable choice. They are made from virgin raw materials, guaranteeing the highest possible quality, and are free from toxic substances which could harm the environment or the people within it. The Viking Toys factory is IS9001 certified, ensuring it follows all the relevant environmental management standards and all the toys comply with EN71 European Toy Safety standards.

Materials Description

Viking Ecoline are made from bioplastic - an oil-free, plant based material made from sugar cane. Sugar cane is renewable and it absorbs more CO2 while growing than is produced when making the bioplastic for Ecoline toys. All materials are BPA free, phthalate free and 100% recyclable. Packaging used for Ecoline toys is made from recycled materials.

Product Launched 18/07/2021

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Category: Ethical and Sustainable Gift

Highly Commended
Viking Ecoline toys are made from bio-plastic: a non-toxic, oil-free, plant based material made from sugar cane. Gift boxes are made from recycled material. They are strong enough to last a lifetime and can be handed down the family.
Chubbies RRP: £3.99
Jumbo RRP: £24.99
Jumbo Recycling Shape Sorter RRP: £27.99
Maxi RRP: £6.99
Midi RRP: £15.99
Mini Chubbies Gift Box (7pc) RRP: £16.99

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Product Dimensions

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9Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • A5 Ecoline brand message strut cards
  • Ecoline Branding shelf wobblers