My Happy Journal

My Happy Journal

My Happy Journal inspires and empowers children, it invites them to be themselves, celebrate their uniqueness and encourages a positive, happy, and resilient mindset. The journal is somewhere to record their daily thoughts and so much more........ it invites the child to have fun & adventures, to explore their mind & world and embrace their own creative spirt. To be themselves.

Our aim is that these skills will become habit forming which will empower them throughout daily life. My Happy Journal has been designed to be a fun journal with a serious mission.
It's more than just a diary, it's a gateway into their imagination and feelings. A positive memory treasure chest giving insight into their thoughts and feelings (Assuming the child is happy to share access). The journal can be used a conversation starter with parents or can be filled in solo if preferred. The weather icons are used to describe how the child is feeling internally in line with mindfulness concepts. This is to highlight that no thought or feeling is forever, just like the weather, feelings can change throughout the day.
Its jam packed full of creative activities to stretch their imagination and inspire, it's the perfect no-screen journal as well as a discussion journal for use at bedtime. We believe that mental health can be taught to children in a way that doesn't feel like homework or a chore, it can be fun, can be creative and it can be done in a way that suits each child.

We hope that if children learn more about positivity, mindset and resistance at a young age, the current epidemic of anxiety and poor metal health can be avoided or at least reduced in the future.

We invite you to look for adventures and memorable moments everyday xx

90 guided diary entries to record 3 high points of each day.
Jam packed with activities and fun.
Filled to the brim with fun facts.
Encourages a positive mindset and celebrates everyday joys.
Full of positive affirmations.

Materials Description

180 gsm paper, because let's face it, no one wants their creations to blead onto the next page!
Matt laminate cover, so mud or jammy fingerprints can be wiped off. This is not a journal to be saved for best, its designed to be your adventure campion.
Ribbon page marker so you can keep track of your last entry.
Stich bound so the journal can be opened fully, and pages can be fully accessed for colouring outside the lines.

Product Launched 20/11/2017

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Highly Commended
My Happy Journal is a wonderfully creative positive mindset journal for children 5-11. Nurturing positive mental health and wellbeing, encouraging happiness, building self-confidence & inspiring creativity. Celebrate their daily joys.
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Product Dimensions

Width = 154mm

Depth = 15mm

Height = 215mm

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  • My Happy Journal a creative positive mindset journal for children 5-11.

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