Handcrafted Artisan Gift Wrap and Cards

Paper Mirchi

Born out of a love for wrapping, passion for tradition and background in textiles, Paper Mirchi focuses on creating luxury artisanal gift wrap and greeting cards that are handcrafted, recyclable and sustainable.

We use 100% recycled cotton handmade paper - our wrap and cards are therefore completely wood free and eco-friendly.

Our handcrafted designs utilise ancient textile processes such as hand block printing, tie dye and hand marbling in an effort to preserve traditional methods of the past while protecting the future of our planet.

We pride ourselves on our partnerships with small family-run units in India, which not only preserves these legendary crafts but also bolsters the local economy.

Every sheet in our multi award-winning range is individually handcrafted by our talented artisans, making them truly one-of-a-kind. They are not digitally mass-produced.

Our gift wrap sheets are supplied flat and sold in small pack sizes of 15 sheets and cards in packs of 6. This helps the retailer to try out more variety whilst minimising stockroom damage.

Being handmade, we can make small batches and can therefore easily do custom designs and bespoke colours.

We can also make complementing gift bags and boxes to any size specification.

Our papers can also be used for crafting, bookbinding, origami, home décor and other creative uses.

Our papers and cards can be easily framed to become a beautiful ornament or a keepsake.

Materials Description

100% recycled handmade cotton paper.
Our range is completely tree-free.

Product Launched 01/02/2020

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Category: Design & Craft

We use 100% tree-free recycled cotton paper and utilise ancient textile processes such as hand block printing, tie dye, batik and techniques such as hand marbling to create an exceptional range of gift wrap sheets and greeting cards.
Hand Block Printed Gift Wrap Sheets RRP: £2.99
Hand Block Printed Greeting Cards RRP: £2.99
Hand Marbled Gift Wrap Sheets RRP: £2.99
Hand Marbled Greeting Cards RRP: £2.99
Hand Tie Dyed Gift Wrap Sheets RRP: £2.75
Premium Hand Block Printed Gift Wrap Sheets RRP: £3.50

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Rani Moochhala
Paper Mirchi
Tel: 02036331415/07896141278
E: sales@papermirchi.co.uk
Visit: www.papermirchi.co.uk

Product Dimensions

Width = 500mm

Depth = 1mm

Height = 760mm

75Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK