Things to do when you are

A Year of Dates

This range of unique gifts for milestone birthdays (30th, 40th, 50th and 60th) contains sealed envelopes each with an activity for the recipient inside. Perfect for that friend or loved one who has everything. This gift gives them opportunity to try new things, go on adventures and make memories. The cards contain a mix of ideas; it could be something to do at home, a night out, a day out or a new experience. Included are a set of blank cards so the user can add more personal activities. The boxes can be also be personalised.

Materials Description

Paper and Card

Product Launched 01/01/2020

Category: Commemorative, Collectable and Charitable

Highly Commended
Prices Available RRP: £22.00

Product Dimensions

Width = 500mm

Depth = 500mm

Height = 500mm

1Piece in the range