The Bee Revival Kit

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During a short break in Cornwall, summer of 2018. We were out exploring a nearby village when we discovered an exhausted bee alone on the floor. Unequipped, we carefully rolled up sleeves, picked up our new friend and started our search for sugar and water. We soon found a café keen to help and mixed a few drops of sugar solution onto a spoon outside in the sun. Within a few moments our new companion had enough energy to buzz away!

It was on this day that BEEVIVE was born, inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee. Knowing how important bees are and how dangerously they are in decline, we wanted to do something to help. This is when we began designing a bee revival keyring to be readily accessible for the next time you meet a bee in need.

The bee revival keyring provides an essential ambrosia® bee food syrup solution for a tired bee, to help it continue its mission pollinating up to 5,000 flowers during its lifetime.

Inside the strong aluminium shell sits a refillable bottle made from shock resistant borosilicate glass, sealed with a natural cork top. All hanging from our custom stamped key chain, this kit is ready to be attached to your keys or backpack! We pack the keyring onto an A6 card made from 100% recycled materials with re-fill instructions, which is then fully recyclable.

On the 'Welcome to the team' insert we offer free replacement bottles to customers who have accidently lost or broke their bottle, and existing customers with discounts to those who want a refill. The bottle can also be refilled at home using the measurement lines on the side of the bottle.

Over the last year we have built a strong community of bee lovers, savers, family and friends. We coined the phrase ‘VIBs’ Very Important Beevivers and it’s been such an important part of raising awareness for our fuzzy friends. Very quickly after launching we realised it had become a very popular gift to help spread awareness, empowering individuals of all ages to make a difference. We began offering a 'gift-wrapping' service to deliver direct to loved ones with personal messages all over the World. Further to this we launched our special VIB pin badges, which are awarded to those who have put so much effort in to help us spread the bee saving word or have contributed to our community in a positive way.

Our kits are designed and assembled here in Exeter, UK.

Materials Description

Aluminium, Stainless steel, Lab strength glass, Portuguese Cork, Recycled card, Ambrosia bee feed syrup.

Product Launched 06/07/2019

Category: Fashion Accessories

Highly Commended
The Bee Revival Kit - A keyring that keeps you prepared at all times to save an exhausted bee whilst at home or on the move. Inside the key ring shell is a tiny refillable bottle of specifically formulated bee food (ambrosia®) to save a tired bee.
Black Edition RRP: £10.99
Gold Edition RRP: £10.99

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Faye Whitley
Beevive Ltd.
Tel: 07890556098

Product Dimensions

Width = 34mm

Depth = 14mm

Height = 115mm

2Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • E-Commerce
  • Local Markets
  • Oliver Bonas
  • Gloucester Farm Shop Services M5
  • Hyde and Seek Exeter
  • Plastic Freedom
  • Ireland Bees Wax wraps
  • Various stockist as above
  • Etsy
  • Zero Waste Store - USA

Designed in the UK