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August 25th 2021

Decade of Winners - Spice Kitchen

|Decade of Winners|

Which products(s) did you win with?


How has winning Gift of the Year helped your business?

There are many reasons why winning has helped our business. Just the simple act of sitting down and putting the application together was great for clarifying our Unique Selling Points as a brand. But the benefits go much wider than that. Gift of the Year is so well known and trusted by retailers and customers alike, and so being able to display the logo and talk about the win on our website and on social has, without question, opened doors to new opportunities and increased our sales.


Would you recommend a business to enter GOTY in the future and why?

We would definitely recommend entering to other businesses. Winning feels incredible and of course is a real boost, in terms of boosting sales but also finding new markets. It's a credibly third-party endorsement and of course, customers recognise the logo immediately when shopping, so having that stamp of approval can make the difference between a customer buying and not. What's more, being shortlisted or being listed as a nominee can have an incredible impact, so you don't even have to win!

Would you be able to provide us with a brief testimonial about entering the awards and how it has affected your business?

There will be space below for supporting images and videos Winning Gift of the Year in 2018 was an incredible boost to our business. The year after the winners were announced, we secured a number of contracts with big brands and we are convinced that the third-party endorsement provided by the Award played a huge part in this success.

Thinking back, it's not just about winning the award, but it being the RIGHT award. Gift of the Year is trusted as a marker of quality by customers and retailers alike. This, is combined with the fact that it was our flagship Indian Spice Tin that won the award. It is a product we wanted to shout about at the time and to this day remains our most popular tin. We talk about it as the 'original and still the best.' So, pairing our most popular product with a stamp of approval that means something in the eyes of customers felt like a match made in heaven. And while we have gone on to win other awards, we will always check back in with Gift of the Year and hope to re-apply again as we develop new and exciting products.

Since winning, our business has grown in ways we could almost have never imagined. There are so many opportunities for us now. In early 2021, we even moved to a bigger and better manufacturing unit to keep up with the phenomenal demand!

Thank you so much Gift of the Year, all of us at Spice Kitchen will be forever grateful!

August 25th 2021

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