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October 20th 2021

Decade of Winners - Ross & Ross Gifts

|Decade of Winners|

Which year(s) were you a Category Winner or Judges Choice winner for GOTY

2017, 2018 & 2020

Which products(s) did you win with

Homemade Curing Kit...Salmon 2017, Christmas Roast Dinner Box 2018, Veggie Roast Dinner Box 2020

How has winning Gift of the Year helped your business?

Winning Gift of the Year has helped our business form a quality & recognised brand image. Consumers and other businesses recognise Gift of the Year as a prestigious award and so associate it with true quality and appreciate the effort into the making of products. As part of the awards process we also thoroughly enjoy getting our customers involved in voting and it provides great content and a communication bridge between us and our customers on social media.

Would you recommend a business to enter GOTY in the future and why?

Yes, we would definitely recommend entering Gift of the Year. Not just any product wins the award so it's important to select a product that has a bit of a twist and something that hasn't been done before. The awards can provide great social and email content if you prepare properly. It can offer a way for your customers to show their appreciation for your products.

Would you be able to provide us with a brief testimonial about entering the awards and how it has affected your business? 

We have been involved with Gift of the Year for a while now and we enter a selection of our products every year as we recognise and appreciate the benefits of entering. Consumers and other businesses recognise Gift of the Year as a prestigious award and also know that not just any product can win the award/s. The recognition of Gift of the Year ensures your products are associated with quality and an element of being unique.

Another part of the process that we love as a business is getting our customers involved in the voting process for the People's Choice Award. It's a great way for your customers to feel part of your brand and also a way they can appreciate the products you provide to them. If done correctly, it can be great social media and email content and a way to start a conversation with your customers.

Winning Gift of the Year has also provided a great amount of positive team morale. The team have felt their work and effort is being recognise and appreciated and this is great a feeling. The awards evening is a lot of fun and a great way to meet other local businesses who all have common interests.

Overall, we are glad to be a part of this initiative and it has been worth doing for our business. It's a fabulous way to celebrate small businesses that are providing truly excellent products.

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October 20th 2021

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