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December 7th 2021

Decade of Winners - My Design Collections

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Which year(s) were you a Category Winner or Judges Choice winner for GOTY?

2014 & 2017

Which products(s) did you win with?

Cracker Cards & Music Box Cards

How has winning Gift of the Year helped your business?

We have a passion for creating products that conjure up excitement and create an experience for the user and for our products to be recognised and highlighted by the GA and within the gift industry has been the cherry on the top for us. The GOTY award is very importantly recognised as a mark of innovation and quality that our customers trust, recognise and appreciate, giving them confidence to continue engaging with our products.

Would you recommend a business to enter GOTY in the future and why?

GOTY awards innovation and quality, and if you are lucky enough to receive this accolade you become part of a community that can offer you an invaluable network of support and opportunities.

Would you be able to provide us with a brief testimonial about entering the awards and how it has affected your business? 

When we won our first GOTY award, it was for our first ever ‘own brand’ product creation. A range of comic Cracker Cards. We were confident the cards were exciting and innovative, but as our first ever own-brand product (We were busy running a Design Consultancy) we were new to many aspects of the process of selling directly to retailers. So after navigating all the joys of manufacturing, shipping & logistics, the news that we had been nominated for an award for our product, was definitely a proud moment that made the learning curve feel so worthwhile. When it was announced we had actually won our category, especially on the first time we had ever entered our product into a competition, we were elated and hooked!

The GA has given our products a platform that could be viewed by retailers, distributors, agents and tradeshows from around the world…this created a fantastic launch pad for us and since then, we have invested much more of our time making our product ideas a reality. Our follow up product, Music Box Cards, also then won the Cards, Wrap & Stationery category! This cemented our resolve to only work on products that were enthralling and experience led.

My Design Co have now exhibited in London, New York and Milan, and are stocked in stores all over the world. We love what we do, we know our strength and we continue to experiment and launch new ideas and concepts that excite us and our customers. We feel very lucky to have received the recognition from The GA and our GOTY awards at such an early stage of our endeavour which has propelled our business forward within the industry and enabled us to keep working on projects we enjoy so much and launching products we are proud of.

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December 7th 2021

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