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September 9th 2021

Decade of Winners - Designed in Colour

|Decade of Winners|

Which year(s) were you a Category Winner or Judges Choice winner for GOTY

In 2017 we were a winner. Shortlisted 2019, 2020 & 2021- so we appear in GOTY dispatches frequently!

Which products(s) did you win with

Our colourful collection of BRITISH COLOUR STANDARD Bone China mugs - named after historic colours.

How has winning Gift of the Year helped your business?

It certainly helps to get a product noticed in a busy marketplace - and it is a good, additional affirmation for trade buyers as well as a consumers if they notice the 'Winner' or 'Shortlisted badge of honour either on the product or in marketing material.

The additional PR and support from the GA always helps to create a buzz around the selection and a highlight of who is doing what that year.

Would you recommend a business to enter GOTY in the future and why?

100%. It is always exciting to enter a competition and see how far you might go... !The process itself is easy, affordable and great, additional PR- with strong peer and industry credebility.

Would you be able to provide us with a brief testimonial about entering the awards and how it has affected your business?

Entering the awards provides an opportunity for your product to get noticed. We are a small business, with limited time & budgets. The GOTY has consistently been a way for us to showcase annually what we are doing with the added bonus of potentially being shortlisted or even winning, which 100% makes it worth entering every year!

The competition is always hot- with entries from both small and large companies; judged by people in the industry with relevant and valuable expertise.

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September 9th 2021

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