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April 22nd 2024

2024 Finalists - KImm and Miller

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Company Name: Kimm & Miller (UK) Ltd.

Product(s) in the Finalist: Make your own rolled ice cream kit

Can you tell me a bit about your business and the inspiration behind your products?

At Kimm & Miller, we create unique, memorable gifts for the UK and beyond. Since launching in 2006, our Bedford-based team has endeavoured to create innovative, design-led food, home, and lifestyle gifts backed by comprehensive in-house trend research. Similarly, our licensed gifts, created in collaboration with much-loved household brands such as Costa Coffee, Pot Noodle, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Nando's, have been thoughtfully designed to capture the brand's identity and captivate fans by allowing them to bring their favourite brands into their own home in new ways. We supply our gift sets to major UK retailers as well as selling a wide selection of our gifts all-year-round through our Amazon shop.

In what ways has being a finalist of Gift of the Year affected your business?

Being a finalist in Gift of the Year is a fantastic endorsement of our team's innovation and hard work. Following our 2022 win in the Novelty category for our Heinz Grow Your Own Tomatoes Kit, which highlighted our distinctive gift ranges and our design team's creativity, we're thrilled to be a 2024 finalist in the Food & Drink category for our exciting Rolled Ice Cream Kit. The gift set allows you to experience the viral rolled ice cream street food trend from the comfort of your own home. Achieving finalist status not only celebrates our design team's excellence but also enhances our visibility within the industry. Additionally, the awards ceremony presents an invaluable opportunity for us to connect with our peers in the gifting and licensing sectors, fostering opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Which are your favorite products throughout the rest of the awards?

This year's awards showcase some fantastic products. My personal favourites include Two for Joy's Bookish Collection, with a range of beautiful greeting cards inspired by classic book covers; Bramblewood Soap Co.'s natural shower steamers, offering a new form of self-care with an eco-friendly twist; Ginger Fox Games Ltd.'s The Traitors Special Edition Card Game, which allows fans of the must-watch TV show to recreate the show's suspenseful and atmospheric game dynamics at home; and Ohh Deer's Artful: Art School in a Box - Printmaking Edition, a fun and creative product which encourages artists of all skill levels to enjoy new art and crafting techniques at home. Each of these products feels original and resonant with its intended audience, striking the balance between innovation and user appeal.

Would you recommend a business to enter the GOTY Awards and why?

Participating in the Gift of the Year Awards is an experience that we would recommend to any business looking to shine a light on their products and gain exposure within the industry. Beyond the prestige of winning, the awards create a sense of community, increase product visibility, and celebrate innovative product design, honouring the creativity that goes into each product. Additionally, they provide unmatched opportunities to connect with industry peers, sharing insights and forging valuable connections.

Would you be able to provide us with a brief testimonial about the awards and why it's important for businesses to enter?

The Gift of the Year Awards is an incredible platform to showcase the creativity and innovation of those within the gifting and licensing industries and to help products reach new markets. Our own experience of the awards has been incredibly rewarding, offering recognition for some of our most exciting products, as well as facilitating valuable networking opportunities with our industry peers, and helping us to gain new retail customers through which to list our products. The awards are a fantastic way to celebrate the collective creativity of our community, propelling the industry forward.

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April 22nd 2024

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