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April 18th 2024

2024 Finalists - House of Marbles

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The Gift of the Year team took time out to chat to House of Marbles on their glowing 50 year history, the appeal of simple pleasures and the morale boost that being a Gift of the Year finalist has given the team.


Company Name: House of Marbles

Product(s) in the Finalist: Sunshine Print-Paper

Can you tell me a bit about your business and the inspiration behind your products?

House of Marbles makes timeless toys, games, and gifts that capture the imagination and engage the element of play for all ages. Established in 1973, we have become one of the leading gift suppliers known for our quality, creativity, and traditional values. Our extensive range of products includes classic toys, retro-inspired games, puzzles, marble runs, and much more, all designed to inspire creativity, curiosity, and playfulness. One of our sayings is a ‘nod to the past and an eye on the future’. When we bring more modern toys and gifts into the range, we add a classic spin, whether in design or with the theme. Or we take a classic and add some modern touches to give it a timeless appeal. Throughout the design process, good quality and value for money are at the forefront for the end customer. We want to be proud when we see it on a shelf and when the customer chooses to pick up our product.

At House of Marbles, we believe in the enduring appeal of simple pleasures. Our products are not just toys or games; they provide joy, laughter, and learning for families worldwide. Our Sunshine Print Paper embraces the simpler joys of play, and it is an activity kit that offers a unique way to make beautiful prints. Place objects like leaves or shells on the paper, expose it to sunlight and see the stunning silhouettes appear. Ideal for crafting and learning, it's an exciting kit that helps children connect to nature and science. We're committed to ensuring that our products are enjoyable and environmentally responsible. That's why we proudly announce that our Sunshine Print Paper is made from an FSC-certified card and paper. It is plastic-free, reflecting our focus on sustainability.

In what ways has being a finalist of Gift of the Year affected your business?

Being a finalist for Gift of the Year has positively impacted our business in many ways. Firstly, it has provided invaluable recognition of the quality and innovation of our products within the industry. This acknowledgement has helped elevate our reputation and credibility, leading to increased interest from existing and potential customers. It's a fantastic message for all our marketing activities, including social media and email marketing. Lastly, being a finalist of Gift of the Year has boosted morale within our team. Everyone in the office is excited that we are recognised for the creativity in our product offerings, and they are all looking forward to seeing if we win! Overall, the exposure gained from being a finalist has been valuable in driving sales for our business and promoting the quality of our products.

Which are your favorite products throughout the rest of the awards?

It's a privilege to be recognised among such remarkable products this year. We like Artful's Art School in a Box - Printmaking Edition. It is a unique and thoughtful gift option for art enthusiasts, encouraging creativity and experimentation. Like our products, it provides a fun alternative that inspires children to engage in offline activities.

Would you recommend a business to enter the GOTY awards and why?

We highly recommend businesses enter the Gift of the Year (GOTY) awards for several reasons. Firstly, participating in the awards provides a brilliant opportunity for gift companies to showcase their products and innovations on a prestigious platform. Winning or even being nominated for a GOTY award can significantly elevate a brand's visibility and reputation within the industry, leading to increased customer interest and sales.

Would you be able to provide us with a brief testimonial about the awards and why it's important for businesses to enter?

The Gift of the Year awards are an excellent platform for showcasing innovation, creativity, and talent in the gift industry. Being recognised by Gift of the Year boosts brand visibility and credibility, opens doors to new customers and increases sales. The awards also reaffirm the quality of our products with existing customers.


You can find out more about House of Marbles and their amazing products here -


April 18th 2024

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