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December 1st 2022

2023 Entrants - Peper Harow

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Company Name Peper Harow

Products Entered Anne Tulip Women's Socks, Nutcracker Men and Women's Christmas socks, Eco-friendly sock range

Tell us about your business

Founded in 2013, Peper Harow is a quintessentially British brand supplying customers across the globe with the highest quality socks, luxury accessories and exquisite gifts. Our designs are unique, fashionable and created to compliment the modern lifestyle of both men and women.

Our name, Peper Harow comes from a Parish of the same name in Surrey with a cricket heritage dating back to 1727. The name is represented in our inspiration of British roots.

We are passionate about our products and take pride in ensuring our practices work proactively towards sustainability. Our socks are created by our dedicated team, working with state-of-the-art knitting technology and located in the UK.

Tell us about the products you have entered

We have entered some of our best products into the competition. Our socks, being British-made and of high quality, make them perfect gift ideas for all to enjoy. This year we have entered a selection of our new eco-friendly range, as sustainability continues to be our main priority at Peper Harow.

Why did you choose to enter the GOTY competition? have you entered in the past and has it helped your brand grow?

We chose to enter to display our luxury high-quality socks to a wider audience. After entering in 2020, we had great results in an increase in brand awareness and have continued to grow since then, so we have no doubt that our product will be highly recommended again in this year's competition.

What other products will you be bringing to market in 2023

For 2023 we are exploring various opportunities in men's and women's fashion accessories, including British-made leather and knitted goods.

Where can your products be purchased Our products can be purchased via our website. We also have a wide range of stockists across the globe, some of which can be found on our website.


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December 1st 2022

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