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November 18th 2022

2023 Entrants - O'Donnell Moonshine

|New Entrants|

Company Name O'Donnell Moonshine

Products Entered Giftsets

Tell us about your business

In 2016 we started in the UK and made it since his focus to create a strong community around our products with a strong focus on direct-to-consumer sales.

Since we started, we at O'Donnell Moonshine have made it our mission to create a fantastic drinking experience by combining excellent taste with a unique design and an exciting story.

We have set out to change the market for flavoured spirits from strong alcoholic drinks with the flavour profile as an aftertaste to a drink that puts the flavour profile first and therewith creates an enjoyable drinking experience.

Quality and sustainability play an important role for us with all our packaging being reusable or recyclable.
Tell us about the products you have entered We have entered our entire gifting range, as we believe we have a strong gifting option for all those who are looking for a bit of different alcoholic gifting.

For those with a special flavour love, we have our 700ml Giftset which comes in our design packaging. The cut-out showcases the unique shape of our products and will instantly create excitement.

Our Minigift set is the perfect Stocking filler or secret Santa gift. With an array of our most popular flavours in 50ml mini Mason jars, it's an attractive small gift.

Our large 2x700ml Gift set is the perfect gift for people who love two of our flavours. With the included shot glasses and the pouring lid, the celebrations can start right on the spot. With the high-quality designed box it's a much-loved present by our community.

Why did you choose to enter the GOTY competition? have you entered in the past and has it helped your brand grow?

We entered the competition to showcase our products to those specialising in gifting as we have seen that our products are highly attractive as a gifting option.

The brand exposure we expect from a potential moving forward in the competition will only help our small company to grow.

Should we be shortlisted or even win the category we expect a huge credibility increase for our brand being judged by an independent panel, which will in turn help us to grow the brand even further.

What other products will you be bringing to market in 2023?

Every year we are expanding our flavour range further to cater for more tastes and also to fulfil the latest trends our customers are looking for. Moreover we are looking to bring out Special Editions in and around seasonable events (like Halloween).

Where can your products be purchased

Our Products can be purchased online on our own website for private consumers. We are also represented in over 200 shops across the country. Mainly independently owned ones.

For Shops, Bars & other Retailers we have a B2B sales team that will happily discuss larger order quantities with a bespoke pricing.


Instagram handle @Odonnellmoonshineuk

Facebook handle @Odonnellmoonshineuk



November 18th 2022

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