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November 7th 2022

2023 Entrants - Morphee

|New Entrants|

Company Name Morphée

Products Entered Morphée and My Little Morphée

Tell us about your business?

Morphée was created in France three years ago by Guillaume Barathon and Charlie Rousset: two entrepreneurs who were looking for natural solutions for insomnia – a problem becoming more common due to increased screen time. Surrounding themselves with a team of sleep professionals, from sophrologists to doctors and specialist sleep centers, Guillaume and Charlie underwent two years of extensive research and development. In September 2018, Morphée launched in France, and has expanded into the US in 2021.

*About Sophrology
With a combination of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, Sophrology is a form of therapy used to relax the mind by help it return to the present moment and rid of future anxieties. By helping the mind focus on breathing, the body or a mental image, Sophrology can help limit the flow of anxious thoughts, enabling the body to let go and experience deep relaxation before going to sleep. In more concrete terms, Sophrology can help by:
•Swapping stressful thoughts for corporeal sensations, by shifting the focus from
the brain, to the body.
•Managing and helping reduce expectations when it comes to sleep, by
releasing control.
•Releasing tension and simultaneously unwinding both mind and body.
Tell us about the products you have entered Morphée is a fantastic sleep and meditation aid device that helps you relax, unwind, fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of sleep through different types of guided sessions that last between 8 and 20 min.

My Little Morphée is a non-digital, screen-free sleeping aid designed especially for children aged three to eight years old. It contains 192 meditative journeys to prepare children before bedtime or help calm them down during the day. These sessions include visualisations, breathing and relaxation exercises, and guided meditations. All sessions were designed and carried out by sleep experts specialising in child relaxation.

The 128 soothing visual journeys transport children to different destinations (an island, desert, forest…), guided by an animal of their choice. Each animal represents a different facet of emotions, be it confidence, enthusiasm, wisdom, generosity, happiness, courage, curiosity, and independence, helping children develop their sense of self, improve concentration and focus, and foster emotional versatility.

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What other products will you be bringing to market in 2023?

The Morphée team came up with another revolutionary product Morphée Zen in the shape of an ultra-portable pebble which will allow everyone, everywhere, and at any time of the day to take a real break, calm down quickly and manage stress in an instant.

The adventure continues...

Where can your products be purchased?

Morphée and My Little Morphée are both available for purchase in store at Selfridges and online at are priced at priced at £79.99


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November 7th 2022

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