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December 8th 2022

2023 Entrants - Mindshot

|New Entrants|

Company Name MindShot by Digital Detox Kids

Products Entered MindShot Nature+Now

Tell us about your business

MindShot aims to help parents, carers and kids carve out an attractive, screen-free space in a fast-paced, digitised world. Our pocket-sized, themed activity packs offer children 20-minute doses of future-facing ideas, creativity, fun, relaxation and confidence-building. MindShot is a cool, creative alternative to screen-time for kids, at home and on the go – the perfect ‘mental snack’ for kids.

As a mum, MindShot Founder Rossana Shokrian knows the temptation of using screen-time as a babysitter, but also that it can be problematic. Kids’ clamouring for the phone is a source of tension in many families. Unable to find an alternative that was at once convenient, absorbing and globally aware, she began developing her own ideas, bringing in the ultimate experts in child engagement, her two young kids.

MindShot is the first product we have created under the Digital Detox Kids (DDK) umbrella. Our aim is not to counter technology – it is part of life in many wonderful ways – but to offer healthy breaks from screen-time that inspire, support and expand young minds.

Natalia Bagniewska designed and illustrated our first MindShot series, Nature + Now.

We aim to share any profits we might make with charities, both to do good, and to show children that with their buying choices, they themselves can do good.

For MindShot Nature + Now, we have partnered with Born Free who's mission – to #KeepWildlifeInTheWild wherever possible, to have all animals treated with compassion and respect, and to help wild animals, humans and local ecosystems thrive together - a beautiful complement to our Nature theme.

Tell us about the products you have entered

Our Nature + Now series comprises seven pocket-sized activity packs. Each ‘Shot’ contains an assortment of fun, double-sided Nature-themed activities. Nature + Now is designed to help kids love and support our natural world.

Each MindShot:

Packs easily into a bag or coat pocket for kids to enjoy when out and about.

Makes a fun screen break at home.

Contains both easier and more challenging activities, so siblings can share.

Promotes curiosity, confidence, kindness and creativity.

Encourages kids to take part in our world and get involved in today’s big ideas.

Supports parents and carers to help kids enjoy time away from the screen.

Why did you choose to enter the GOTY competition? have you entered in the past and has it helped your brand grow?

We have not entered the GOTY competition before but I have been aware of the Awards, its association, and its highly regarded reputation. I also have always admired the selected products that have been awarded.
What other products will you be bringing to market in 2023 We are bringing 2 additional series:

Messing + Expressing (A series that explores the 5 senses)
Me + Mine (A series focusing on children's well-being).

Where can your products be purchased

MindShot can currently be purchased at independent shops in the UK: In select Daunt Books, Lutyens+Rubinstein, amongst a few others (please see website for stockists) and online at


Instagram handle @digitaldetoxkids

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December 8th 2022

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