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November 23rd 2022

2023 Entrants - Maped Helix

|New Entrants|

Company Name Maped Helix

Products Entered Maped Creativ Lumi Board, Maped Creativ Dino and Fabulous Factory, Maped Color’peps Jungle Innovation Felt Pen Stand

Tell us about your business

Helix is a global brand that is synonymous with quality stationery products. Since launching in 1887 iconic Helix and Oxford products have helped many generations through their school life. Now part of the Maped group, the Helix and Oxford ranges are complemented by the Maped brands which offer design led, innovative products.

Tell us about the products you have entered?

The Maped Creativ range of craft toys and activities gives children everything they need to make unique creations with their own hands and use them over and over wherever their imagination takes them. Each kit contains the high-quality stationery our customers expect from the Maped brand.

Maped Creativ Dino and Fabulous Factory allows you to build your own fun dinosaur or unicorn figure to play with or display! Build the skeleton of your dinosaur or unicorn figurine using the numbered wooden 3D puzzle. When it’s ready cover the wooden skeleton with light dough; a lightweight, flexible dough that hardens in 4 hours. You then have a toy to keep and play with to enjoy your creation.

The Maped Creativ Lumi Board encourages children to develop their drawing skills by tracing templates on a light projector. Children need to express themselves and develop their creativity through drawing. This way, they will learn to perform more accurate strokes and improve their fine motor skills in a fun way. The Lumi Board has over 250 images covering 5 levels of difficulty ranging from easy to challenging to support their development.
The Maped Color’Peps Jungle Innovation is an award winning smart and fun solution to ensure pen caps never get lost again! A unique felt pen stand with lids integrated into a soft flexible base. When each pen is used, the pen is returned to the base ensuring pen lids aren’t lost. It allows for easy colour selection and neatly folds up for storage or to carry in a bag or pencil case.

Why did you choose to enter the GOTY competition? have you entered in the past and has it helped your brand grow?

This will be the first time we have entered Gift of the Year. This is a very well-recognised accolade in the UK and will give our products a lot of credibility within the Toy and Gift industry if we are shortlisted.

What other products will you be bringing to market in 2023

Our extensive range of stationery products and craft toys will be extended in 2023 with exciting new introductions including the Smiling Planet Range, a collection of essential school stationery made from 50% FSC-certified wood fibre resulting in a more sustainable product. We will also be extending our iconic range of Oxford stationery with a collection of coloured gel pens in a selection of patterned designs.

Where can your products be purchased

High street stationery retailers, grocers and Amazon


Instagram handle maped_helix

Twitter handle mapedhelix_uk

Facebook handle MapedHelix

November 23rd 2022

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