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November 7th 2022

2023 Entrants - Hartsmede

|New Entrants|

Company Name Hartsmede

Products Entered Handmade Wooden Tableware

Tell us about your business

Hartsmede was formed about a year ago by a young group with a passion for home decor with the key differentiators being sustainable materials, empower artisans, and trendy designs. Hartsmede based out of London opened the doors to the homeware collection in the Ideal Home Show early this year.

To meet all the logistical challenges in the handmade products sector Hartsmede initiated backward integration and set up a studio and a manufacturing base to ensure quality and timely deliveries. As a result, Hartsmede could take off costs from the supply chain which is reflected in the pricing of the product range. All for the benefit of the end customers.

Within a short span of time Hartsmede was able to cater to a large customer base globally. Most of the purchase in this segment is for the giftware market.

Tell us about the products you have entered

Hartsmede has curated an exceptionally beautiful and unique tableware collection, All the products in the collection feature exquisite patterns from botanical flowers, geometric mosaics, or antique bird prints, all in line with the trend for the season.

The hand-carved range from its rustic wood design is a class of its own. Our serve ware range with lids are unique item at the launch at Ideal Home Show this Spring and makes this range great for alfresco settings.
Our collection with matching sets in our varied collection of Serving bowls, Platters & Tray has something for every occasion and will add some cute style and charm to any kitchen or dining room.

If you’re throwing a party or a tea afternoon with friends and family, then our beautiful collection of Serve ware will be perfect for you. It adds a unique look to your table presentation and creates a talking point
A great gift item for weddings, housewarmings, Christmas Gifts or just a unique treat for yourself.

Why did you choose to enter the GOTY competition? have you entered in the past and has it helped your brand grow?

We were looking for a market segment in the gifting domain and met with Gift of the Year. This is our first time entering our range with you.

We are hopeful that with your promotions we will be able to set a new milestone in this segment.

What other products will you be bringing to market in 2023

One product category that has gained substantial traction since early this year is our range of small furniture, like sofa side tables, console cabinets, bedside tables etc.

Once again keeping with our ethos all the items are made out of solid sustainable mango wood, handcrafted by traditional artisans. All the designs are created by Hratsmede London with designs and colours trending for the season.

One of our focus areas for Spring-Summer 23 would be our new garden decorative, expected to be ready by Christmas this year

Where can your products be purchased

We are currently on our website as below, besides being on Wayfair, Etsy, Creote, Faire, Amazon & eBay


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November 7th 2022

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