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December 7th 2022

2023 Entrants -

|New Entrants|

Company Name Libra Fine Arts

Products Entered Bellatrix the Bunny Whimsical Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Tell us about your business

At Libra Fine Arts we produce detailed photorealistic hand drawn artwork using charcoal and graphite from which we have created a wide range of beautiful art, scents and gifts and all are printed lovingly with the environment in mind.

We use wonderful local suppliers and plant a tree for every sale aswell as working with local charities to give back where we can as this is really important to us.

Customer service is at the heart of what we do as well as a commitment to quality, attention to detail and sustainability.

Tell us about the products you have entered

Bellatrix the Bunny Puzzle is a wonderful way to spend time with family, away from distractions such as the TV or Ipad and create new family traditions.

Our sustainable sourced wooden bunny shaped puzzle featuring our hand drawn Bellatrix the Bunny design hides Bunny themed whimsical pieces within it! Can you find the magicians hat, the carrot or the bunny standing up within the larger bunny shaped puzzle?

This puzzle and more importantly the family time it creates is a tradition that can be passed down many generations to come.

Why did you choose to enter the GOTY competition? have you entered in the past and has it helped your brand grow?

We believe Gift of the Year provides a wonderful platform to showcase our fantastic Bellatrix the Bunny puzzle concept to a wider market and will help increase our brand awareness.

What other products will you be bringing to market in 2023?

We will extending our whimsical puzzle concept to more of the Libra animal family next year. Persei the Hedgehog and Maya the Giraffe are first on the list!

Where can your products be purchased?

Our products can currently be purchased direct through our website.


Instagram handle @librafinearts

Twitter handle libra_fine_arts

Facebook handle Libra Fine Arts

December 7th 2022

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