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November 22nd 2022

2023 Entranst - Miss Milly

|New Entrants|

Company Name Miss Milly

Products Entered Magnetic Brooches

Tell us about your business

Miss Milly is a growing brand with an ethos of providing great quality jewellery and accessories with mass appeal and excellent margin potential; exactly what a retailer should be looking for. We are dedicated to giving fantastic customer service, which, we believe, along with the product itself, is the most important differentiator in our industry. All customer-facing employees have retail experience in the independent and multiple sectors; we are proud to understand the issues our own customers face and tailor our services accordingly.

We try to make Miss Milly accessible for all retailers and etailers with a low minimum order of £100, low carriage at £8.00 (UK mainland, free for orders over £250) and no minimum order quantities. Packaged is supplied separately to avoid waste and unnecessary expense. And branded and plain display stands are also available.
Tell us about the products you have entered Introducing magnetic brooches is one of the best product launches that Miss Milly has ever undertaken. Each season the collection has been refreshed and added to, with the biggest new design additions this season, and these are products that consistently sell out. Once you have a look at them, it’s easy to see why. Brooches have made a comeback over the past five years but pin clasps leave holes in their wake and can be fiddly to use. With a magnetic brooch, you just pull the two pieces apart, position it where you want and attach back together. The magnet is really strong and reliably holds in place. And you don’t have to limit its use to coats and jackets. Jazz up bags, hats and even use as a scarf pin on heavier weight styles. The magnetic brooches are really effective on the currently fashionable bags with changeable straps.

With regards to design, we create an eclectic collection of abstract and geometric designs alongside cute animals and birds. But it’s probably the tree of life designs that sell best and we have several of those, updating to new colours and styles each season.

The magnetic brooches allow for great creativity in retail displays, attaching them to other accessories for an increased transaction value or using radiators, metal sheets or Miss Milly’s own acrylic display stands or strut cards. Selling brilliantly all year round, these fantastic items do even better for Mother’s Day and Christmas gifting. And we often get reports from retailers that customers buy them in multiples, sorting out their gift dilemmas for several recipients in one easy go.

Why did you choose to enter the GOTY competition? have you entered in the past and has it helped your brand grow?

The endorsement received by winning an award for your products is incredibly beneficaial for a brand and encourages retailers who have not stocked you before to take the plunge. To be able to say one of your products or ranges is award-winning carries a lot of kudos. Miss Milly has been a finalist before and took advantage of the PR benefits that presents. It is not possible to say with 100% certainty that it helped the business grow but it would have definitely been an extra push for retailers to give us a try.

What other products will you be bringing to market in 2023 We update the jewellery collection twice a year for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter so not only will the magnetic brooch range be refreshed with lots of new pieces added, but so will the entire range. Best-selling products are continued in new seasonal colours and brand new items are always launched alongside. One of the msot common piees of feedback we receive from retailers is that they know they will always find something new with Miss Milly.

Where can your products be purchased

Miss Milly can be found in retailers throughout the UK and Ireland from gift shops and clothing boutiques to garden centres and department stores. The majority of our customers are independents and depsite widespread coverage there are still many more towns we would love to be stocked in.


Instagram handle @MissMillyUK

Twitter handle @MissMillyUK

Facebook handle @MissMillyUK

November 22nd 2022

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