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December 1st 2022

2023 Entranst - By Jane Studio

|New Entrants|

Company Name By Jane Studio

Products Entered The Destination Collection

Tell us about your business

Welcome to By Jane Studio, I’m Emma Jane and I hand-craft highly fragranced soy wax candles and diffusers, using high-quality materials and ingredients, in Buckinghamshire, England. Each candle is wicked, poured, and labeled by my hands.

Classic yet modern in look and feel, each product is carefully created to make our life more relaxing, joyful, luxurious and beautiful. They make the ideal gift for you or someone special.

Back in 2017 when I was unable to find the sophisticated and highly-fragrance scents I loved, I set about my own. I wanted others to relax near them too to enjoy a sense of everyday luxury.

My destination collection was inspired by my travel memories, favourite places, as well as locations I dream to go to. Our sense of smell acts as a powerful diary. A particular scent will often bring a memory to the forefront. Let’s wander with a beautiful scent!

Tell us about the products you have entered

The Destination Collection was inspired by wanderlust and a love for travel. They help us wander to our favourite or desired places through the power of beautiful scent and imagery.

The candle collection was inspired during the pandemic when as a keen traveller, travel was now restricted. My wanderlust moments combined with my passion for making beautifully-scented candles, and therefore the Destination collection was created.

I first chose to focus on places I love and couldn't wait to visit again. The bestseller so far is Sunset in Ibiza which, it seems so many customers are keen to return to as well!

There are so far five fragrances in the range: two examples are, SKIING IN THE ALPS - a warm, citrus and spice blend of orange, cinnamon and nutmeg, to burn as you reminisce the beautiful views across the slopes, or SUNSET IN IBIZA, a heavenly blend of geranium, orange, rose, mimosa and pink pepper that will take you on an idyllic return journey.

Each sophisticated scent has a unique, bespoke design to enhance it's travel story. The designs feature gold foiling to catch the light and add delight. Each design will help transport you back via a memory.

Each Candle is 30cl in size. They are a blend of plant-based soy wax and fine, vegan fragrance oils. Every candle is carefully hand-poured in small batches to ensure a high-quality finish.

Why did you choose to enter the GOTY competition? have you entered in the past and has it helped your brand grow?

I am aware of how deeply respected the Gift Of The Year award is and I believe it can help a wider audience see and enjoy my candle range.

Where can your products be purchased My home fragrance range can be viewed and purchased online at


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December 1st 2022

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