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September 8th 2022

2022 Winners - Cardology

|Success Stories|

Company Name:  Cardology

Name:  David Falkner

Winning Product (s) Cardology Battersea Charity Pop-Up Cards

Can you tell me a bit about your business and the inspiration behind your products?

Cardology started as a business selling direct to consumers. From our experience being in front of customers on a daily basis, we quickly realised a growing section of the greetings card market was looking for stand-out, sustainable cards that would be kept long after the event being celebrated had passed.

Our first discovery was relatively straightforward - price wasn't the driving force behind these customers' purchasing behaviours: What mattered most was the recipient's joy, and also how the purchaser felt about themselves, knowing they'd chosen something the recipient would love.

Our second revelation was that our target market for our products wasn't constrained to more affluent consumers. Rather, the common theme uniting all of our customers was that they each had one or two people in their lives who they thought were extra special, and warranted more care and attention.

In what ways has winning Gift of the Year affected your business?

Well, the main thing is we've been busier than ever...

Reflecting more deeply, as a brand selling to trade customers, we've been very fortunate to meet inspiring, influential buyers who 'got' the product, brought into our story, consulted with us to perfect their display, and who've since seen their faith rewarded in terms of sales generated.

That said, perhaps winning the popular vote was the first time the wider industry got to see absolute proof of the strength of our consumer following. It's meant more leads, of course, but also fundamentally changed the dynamic of conversations we're having with new prospects, who are placing increasing value on the way our branding is generating customers already predisposed towards purchase within their own shops.

Our licensed programme had received a further shot in the arm and we’re super excited to be bringing new The Snowman, Elf, Peter Rabbit, The Original Stormtrooper and Harry Potter products to market this Autumn.

Above all, however, I've always been a big fan of Henry Ford's quote that 'you can't build a reputation on what you're going to do' as a guiding principle to galvanise my own actions. That said, those inside Cardology know that our goal has always been to build on the greatness that's gone before us, to establish a uniquely recognisable Consumer brand within the card industry, scoring off the chart scores for brand affinity. This year's win represents a further significant step along that journey.

Would you recommend a business to enter the GOTY awards and why?

My question would be 'why wouldn't you enter?'.

Apart from the massive prestige associated with winning, who wouldn't want to benefit from getting their products in front of key industry professionals, getting feedback on areas you could improve, and testing yourself against some of the very best competitors in the industry.

To find out more about Cardiology and their award-winning products then visit them here -


September 8th 2022

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