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April 26th 2022

2022 Finalists - Puzzle Post

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Business Name: Puzzle Post

Product or Products that are finalists: The Scandal


Why did you enter into Gift of the Year 2022?

Gift of the Year is famous for showcasing the best innovative products and elevating businesses. As a small business, we love to see the support recognition that it gives to our sector which is sometimes overlooked. We believed that our product, The Scandal stood up next to previous winners, and getting the recognition from Gift of the Year as finalists proved to us all our hard work had paid off and we'd created something special.
Tell us about your finalist product or products An at-home escape room that you can play around your own dinner table. You are thrown into a world of mystery, blackmail, and deception where you need to solve the puzzles and break into our online vault - before it's too late!

The game includes 9 individual puzzles, and has an interactive online ending. All the pieces are designed to be as immersive as possible as you enter the world of the Marseille Tennis Championship. The game is great for up to 8 people so a family party or dinner party with friends is perfect. We love how you all have to work together, you can't beat that feeling of camaraderie!

Why is being recognised so important for your business?

We're a small business that started in our kitchen and have worked so hard to get to where we are. Being recognised feels like a huge achievement - it's hard to be subjective about our products when we're so involved so to get recognised by Gift of the Year makes us realise it's not just us who love our games! And the recognition helps spread the word about our business meaning that we get to continue to do what we love, making games that bring friends and family together.

How will it feel to win?

Winning would feel amazing! We love what we do and get so much joy out of creating the games, from working out the story to testing with friends and finally getting the physical product in our hands. For us, winning would show us that we've created something that other people love too and that would be an incredible feeling.

Apart from your own products what other products in the competition stood out for you?

There are so many to choose from! But if we HAD to choose a few favourites... Obviously, we love a game and The Secret Santa game looks right up our street for a big family Christmas! Viking Ecoline are genius - to be able to make kids toys that children actually would want to play with and are good for the planet is incredible. And finally, we've always loved Big Potato games and their new puzzles combining a jigsaw with a cryptic game is hours of fun - loved them.

April 26th 2022

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