The Secret Spectacle Society


The blurb:
Desk? Bedside table? Mantlepiece? Where do you put your specs when you take them off? Do you remember? Well fear not! The Secret Spectacle Society will take the next shift and wear them for you. Fabulous fun to be had with this cleverly designed, sturdy (sand-filled) home accessory. Just add specs and a character is created. Cool. Smug. Wistful. Studious... ? A rather humorous & ingenious gift for anyone who wears glasses of any description.

The key features:
• They wear your spectacles when you don’t!
• Cleverly designed, amusing places to store your glasses at home
• Hare for the Dresser? Fox for the Den? Mouse for the House?
• Created in lots of lovely fabrics designed to complement your home décor
• Slip the folded arms into the slot. Your frame will find its natural position on the animal's nose

Materials Description

Polyester Fibre
Thick Card Hang Tab

Product Launched 01/06/2023

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Category: Contemporary Gift

The Secret Spectacle Society: A delightfully decorative, surprisingly sturdy, mildly amusing table top stand for your spectacles

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RRP: £19.99

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Customer Service
Tel: 01751 475757

Product Dimensions

Width = 170mm

Depth = 170mm

Height = 210mm

3Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK