Shaped Wooden Jigsaws

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Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect way to give the mind a fun workout and none no more so than these new Shaped Wooden Jigsaws from Puckator. Each puzzle is not only shaped, but completely comprised of specially shaped pieces inspired by the design. You will find charming bee and floral shapes in the 130 piece Nectar Meadows puzzle and enchanting clouds and hearts in the 90 piece Unicorn Magic puzzle. The jigsaws come loose in stylish tube packaging to keep these gifts entirely free of plastic.

There are currently 5 designs available; Puckator’s Nectar Meadows, Animal Kingdom, Unicorn Magic along with 2 big licenses The Beatles Yellow Submarine and Original Stormtrooper.

Materials Description

Poplar Wood

Product Launched 29/12/2023

Category: Contemporary Gift

These inventive new Shaped Wooden Jigsaws are made up of entirely unique shapes inspired by the overall design! Look out for pieces shaped as bees, rhinos and even The Beatles Yellow Submarine!

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Licensed Shaped Wooden Jigsaw 130pc RRP: £15.00
Shaped Wooden Jigsaw 130pc RRP: £13.50
Shaped Wooden Jigsaw 96pc RRP: £12.00

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Matthew Shaw
Puckator Ltd.
Tel: 0800 011 6969

Product Dimensions

Width = 370mm

Depth = 300mm

Height = 3mm

5Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK