Modern Art Distillery

Modern Art Distillery

Modern Art Distillery’s spirits range captures the essence of creativity by combining imaginative flavours with beautiful contemporary artwork. Emerging artists are at the forefront of this innovative and unique collection of premium craft distilled spirits that uses their designs on the bottle labels.

The company launched in April 2023 with three spirits flavours (all 41% ABV) and three pieces of label artwork called Series 1: 'Connections':

• Blueberry & Bergamot Gin with label artwork by Cardiff-based artist Chris Pompa.
• Strawberry & Honey Spiced Rum with label artwork by Scottish-based artist John Goldsworthy.
• Watermelon &Thyme Vodka with label artwork by Devon-based artist Alice Bulmer.

In November 2023 a second collection was unveiled called Series 2: 'Sea, City & Land':

• A London Dry Gin (40% ABV), with artwork by Bath artists Emma Taylor & Jason Dorley-Brown, Cornwall-based Lu Cornish and Scottish artist Yasmin Davidson.

The spirits bottles are available in three sizes: 70cl, 10cl and 5cl (new for the London Dry). In addition to the bottles, high quality prints of the original label artwork are available in A2, A3 and A4 sizes, including some limited edition signed prints, offering an unusual contemporary gift combination when bought with the bottle.

Each 70cl bottle is individually numbered and produced to a limited quantity, making it a desirable and collectable item, particularly if the artist becomes well known. Because of the eye-catching label artwork, each size of the bottle has a use beyond the consumption of the contents as a decorative item.

Materials Description

Glass bottles & corks
Alcohol spirits
Print paper

Product Launched 05/04/2023

Category: Contemporary Gift

Modern Art Distillery draws together a distinctive new line of premium craft distilled gin, rum and vodka with emerging artists, whose work appears on the spirits labels – offering a delicious blend of beautiful bottles and stunning art prints.

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10cl spirits bottles (height 90mm x width 55mm x depth 55mm RRP: £12.00
5cl spirits bottles (height 100mm x width 55mm x depth 15mm RRP: £6.00
70cl spirits bottles (height 205mm x width 85mm x depth 85mm) RRP: £42.00
A2 art prints RRP: £60.00
A3 art prints RRP: £45.00
A4 art print RRP: £30.00

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Mrs Catharine Russell
Modern Art Distillery
Tel: 07940 098741

Mrs Caroline Harrison
Modern Art Distillery
Tel: 07940 098741

Product Dimensions

Width = 85mm

Depth = 85mm

Height = 205mm

1Piece in the range

Designed in the UK