The Whisky Watch

Fiodh Ltd

We believe that creating meaningful and unique products is more important today than it has ever been, we live in a the world filled with fast fashion and cheap replaceable goods that no longer have a real connection with the user.

'The whisky watch' bridges all these elements of an emotive product and that combines functionality and a real connection of what it represents to wear it on your wrist.

The watches are handcrafted in Glasgow, Scotland by using reclaimed whisky casks that once held some of the finest malts in the world. We designed the watch to have a minimalistic aesthetic to showcase the beautiful grains of oak wood and to create a one-of-a-kind watch due to the different colours and grain structures from the used cask.

The watch straps are also made in-house from fine Scottish leather, produced by Muirhead leather group, known for being the worlds most low carbon leather.

The whisky watch is a unique watch that targets those who love a product that can tell a story, one that dwells in history and a passion for sustainable, handcrafted goods with a passion for Scotland, whisky and watches.

“All watches have time, ours have history”.

Materials Description

Swiss Ronda 762
Mineral glass with silver trim
42mm whisky barrel case width
316l Stainless steel back case
11mm case height
Splash resistant
20mm Handmade fine Scottish leather strap

Product Launched 26/03/2022

Category: Fashion Accessories & Jewellery

Highly Commended
'The Whisky Watch' has its own unique story after being carved from the wood of a whisky cask which has flavoured some of the finest malts and now rests on your wrist. "All watches have time, ours have history"
RRP: £230.00

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Mr Michael Youmans
Fiodh Ltd
Tel: 07858055260

Product Dimensions

Width = 42mm

Depth = 11mm

Height = 259mm

1Piece in the range

Designed in the UK