Triple butter soap sponge

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Our triple butter soap sponges are handmade in the UK. As a small family-run business we pride ourselves on curating an innovative creation whilst delivering a product you won’t want to be without. It’s the best life hack you could wish for. We have carefully selected and sourced supreme ingredients to give you sensational results, yet we’ve managed to market at an affordable price. There’s no excuse whilst treating family and friends to a little self-care not to indulge yourself, knowing you’re supporting an independent, handmade business. So, what’s all this fuss about? These triple butter soap sponges are made with mango, shea and cocoa butter, fabulous for moisturising and nourishing your skin. Whether you’re a shower or bath kind of person, once you’ve tried them you’ll always come back for more. Weighing in at a whopping 200 grams you’ll be able to reuse over and over (approx. 1 month) and once the soap has gone you’ll still be left with your sponge- win, win! This two in one product is bursting with fragrance, colour and quality ingredients which we know you’ll love. There’s a massage layer, which means they’re perfect for exfoliating and ideal for removing fake tan. The thick creamy lather is also great for shaving too. Top tip: don't forget to take them away with you, they're a travel essential. They'll help to prep your skin by a gentle exfoliation, whilst removing unwanted dead skin cells from the surface, resulting in a more even tan and healthier glow.

Materials Description

Made from a synthetic sponge so as not to harm the environment and impact on the coral reef, we believe it's never a throw away, reuse in your day-to-day bathroom cleaning. Packaged in eco-friendly shrink-wrap allowing for easy recycling. Labelled with our in-house design and printed locally. Containing our triple butter soap, which is made with vegan friendly, cruelty free products. Our bespoke fragrance comprises of premium quality ingredients and last but not least our bright and bold branding is followed through with our vivid colour pallet. All materials sourced locally supporting independent businesses.

Product Launched 01/04/2019

Category: Under £15

Our handmade triple butter soap sponges are made with mango, shea & cocoa butter. Fabulous for moisturising & nourishing your skin. Suitable for in the shower or bath and with a range of 24 scents you’ll be spoilt for choice.
RRP: £6.99

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Product Dimensions

Width = 120mm

Depth = 50mm

Height = 120mm

24Pieces in the range

Designed in the UK