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Ferrule is a functionally beautiful pencil extender made to increase the life of your pencil while elevating it to the quality found in premium pen design. Our pencil extender, built around a brass collet with a double helix clutch mechanism, twists and secures pencils in place. Ferrule is machined from a brass body and fits round, hex and square pencils ranging from 7-8mm in diameter, including graphite, charcoal, pastel or makeup pencils. Featuring a steel clip that can be removed for a more minimal aesthetic. Ferrule includes 6 high-quality graphite pencils and 3 erasers which are secured in the top and bottom of its body, extending their longevity and reducing waste. The pencils are made in partnership with Kitaboshi in Japan, renowned for their experience and quality manufacturing.

Materials Description

Ferrule is made from solid brass and steel. The pencils are made from PEFC Certified Incense Cedar and the erasers are TPU rubber. The packaging is made of card and is 100% recyclable

Product Launched 08/12/2021

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Category: Stationery

Highly Commended
The Ferrule is a solid brass pencil extender, designed to increase the life of your favourite pencils. It is built around a brass collet with a double helix clutch mechanism that twists and secures round, hex and square pencils in place.
RRP: £82.00

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Product Dimensions

Width = 12mm

Depth = 13mm

Height = 125mm

1Piece in the range

POS Available:

  • Ferrule is a pencil extender, displaying the most cherishable attributes of premium pen design, the thoughtfulness found in mechanical pencils while minimising wastage as it extends the life of pencils.

Designed in the UK