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Stationery, but make it snappy! Not only are these cheerful and colourful animal rulers going to liven up pencil cases and desks, but each ruler comes with a handful of fun facts about the corresponding animal. They are perfect for kids who are beginning to take an interest in the natural world, and being made from wood makes them more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. Each creature is instantly recognisable from the rulers’ clean lines and bright colours, but combined with fun and whimsical design elements to add interest and originality.

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Product Launched 21/01/2021

Category: Stationery

Did you know? Hunting is done by the female lions, sharks can’t swim backwards, crocodiles have night vision, blue whales are the loudest animal on the planet, tigers can run up to 40mph, and a baby giraffe can run within hours of being born!
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