Triple Tin Gift Box


It’s about four dogs, Pepper, Marmite, Greta and fictional Dave. And four miffed dog owners, bored of the day-to-day and uninspired by the dog treats available to us.

Most dog brands follow the aesthetic of the baby-food aisle, with childish illustrations, infantile language, smelly and beige. Or worse, they’re merely functional products with ugly packaging, and we struggle to believe people purchase them for their beloved pets. We know we can do better.

We made a pact. To say no to the insipid treats on offer, no to the obvious, and “do one” to all treats brown and bone-shaped. A format that appears not to have evolved since the 1970s.

So for you and our dogs, we promise a new experience — a treat that plays to all our senses.

- W’ZIS (what’s this), a name that your dog will already know, no training required there.
- What’s that? A treat that looks like no other
- Pocket or purse-friendly smells that dog’s love but won’t make you retch.
- A funky tin that rattles when you shake, perfect for those stubborn recall moments.

And it’s healthy and vegan. No nasties, and to us, why put meat into treats when plants can do the job just as well? We’re not saying go 100% vegan (although it’s a great idea), but these little treats are doing their bit to reduce our burden on the planet’s resources.

The triple tin gift box is our premium small treat product. The ultimate gift for a dog (or their human). Three amazing flavours in our standout, keep it fresh tins with a bunch of refills to boot. Treat heaven for our four legged friends.

Flavour profiles

We have three uniquely named flavours, each with its own identities.

Postman & Roast

W’ZIS pooch Greta can’t get enough of postman and lives for Sunday roasts. You won’t find a whiff of a postman in here, more like something akin to smokey (vegan) bacon, or should that be smokey facon? The rest is all vegetable goodness; sweet potatoes, pea, tomato, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Slipper & Biscuit

Save your slippers and consume fewer biscuits — let our treat fill the void. Slipper & Biscuit’s green and yellow colours are flavoured with pooch favourite peanut butter. The contrasting green is the natural result of adding broccoli and breath freshening apple.

Lamp Post & Chips

After some consideration, we decided not to mirror the unique aroma of lamp posts. These have a more gentle flavour profile. The splendid blueberry colour comes from the inclusion of purple sweet potato.

Materials Description

The treats are 100% vegan. Sweet potato flour and pea flour form the basis topped up with vegetable goodness such Broccoli, Dried Pumpkin, Dried Apple, Peanut butter or tomato. Topped up with some healthy oils and then smoked with unique selection of woods to give each its unique floavour.

Product Launched 01/07/2021

Category: Pet Gift

The triple tin gift box is our premium "treat without meat" multipack. The ultimate gift for a dog (or their human). Three amazing flavours in our standout, keep it fresh tins with a bunch of refills to boot. Postman and Roast flavour anyone?
RRP: £27.50

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Mr Craig Hanna
Tel: 07757306822

Product Dimensions

Width = 305mm

Depth = 115mm

Height = 70mm

1Piece in the range

POS Available:

  • FSDU free standing unit

Designed in the UK