The Candle Urn - Large


Our beloved pets play a special part in our lives so it's not a surprise that when the time comes to say goodbye we want an extra special place to keep them close. The Candle Urn is a keepsake urn and can be personalised with a name, quote or special dates. It is designed to hold cremation ash of any type but it can also be used to hold a lock of fur, pet tags or even a small collar if the ashes are not available.
A scent memory candle is placed on top of the urn to finish the look and comes in a wide choice of fragrances, including beautiful grass and meadow inspired scents to help trigger those fond memories.

The secret ash chamber is concealed at the base of the urn. The small opening is at the top of the urn. This can be locked and unlocked with a small decorative silver pendant which is provided. The pendant can be worn on a necklace or bracelet giving you a physical connection to the urn, (continuing the bond). Once the urn is sealed a navy velour insert, which is provided, is placed on top. This can be either stuck down using the adhesive backing or just placed on top depending on if the customer wishes to re-open the ash chamber.

A hand poured candle from our bespoke Scent Memories Collection sits just inside the urn which gives the illusion that it is cradled by a luxury deep candle dish. This creates an extra personal element as visitors will not know that the piece is an actual urn.
Finally, a lid plate completes the look. Both the urn and lid plate can be engraved with a beautiful inscription at no extra cost.
All engraving is done by the designer herself so any wording that is given by the customer is completely private. The options for engraving are not limited so even handwritten messages from the loved one who has passed can be copied and engraved, i.e. a signature or a snippet from a Christmas card can be used.
The Candle Urn can also be used as a trinket box which can be a lovely option if the customer does not want to use the candle option all the time. By simply taking the candle off and placing the metal lid plate on top the customer can create the trinket option.
Another option for The Candle Urn is to use the empty glass vessels as a small vase or planter. Which again changes the look but also continues the bond, especially if the customer is using their loved one’s favourite flowers/plant. This can also be a nice touch during special seasons such as Spring i.e. hyacinth bulbs, or a small spring flower arrangement.
Every fragrance in our Scent Memories Candle Collection incorporates only the very finest ingredients, each one sourced with great care and a solid safe provenance. Every element of our fragrances goes through a thorough testing program and is certified by IFRA.
The process is in accordance with REACH regulation EC No. 1907/2006.

Made in England

Materials Description

The Urn & Lid: Metal

The Candle: Glass, Mineral Wax, Oils

Product Launched 01/08/2021

Category: Pet Gift

Highly Commended
When the time comes our beloved pets deserve a special resting place. The Candle Urn is a keepsake urn which can also be personalised. Designed to hold cremation ash or smaller items such as a lock of fur, pet tag or even a small collar.
RRP: £319.00

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Mrs Stephanie McCubbin
Tel: 01243 967544

Product Dimensions

Width = 165mm

Depth = 165mm

Height = 120mm

31Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • • Discreet and Personal
  • • Personalised
  • • Seasonal
  • • Memorial - Continuing Bond
  • • Sustainable
  • • Uses The Power Of Scent
  • • Unique Exclusive Design
  • • Over 30 Fragrances
  • • 2 Sizes Available

Designed in the UK