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Deal out the cards and try to answer a multiple-choice question with the rest of the players. The more people who get it right, the more points you’ll cash in. Unless, of course, you’ve got one of the Snake Cards. All the Snakes already know the answer, so their job is a bit simpler. To score points, they’ll have to sabotage
the discussion and mislead the other players.
Snakesss is from the same creator as Sushi Go, the award-winning, pick and pass card game that’s sold over a million copies.

Materials Description

120 cards
8 character tokens
1 mongoose figure
1 scoresheet

Product Launched 19/07/2021

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Category: Novelty

In Snakesss you have 2 minutes to discuss a slippery multiple choice question. You need to vote for the right answer, but there are hidden snakes at the table...
RRP: £25.00

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Miss Beth Motherwell
Big Potato Games
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Product Dimensions

Width = 300mm

Depth = 50mm

Height = 170mm

1Piece in the range

POS Available:

  • A multiple-choice question and only two minutes to work it out. The Snakes amongst you already know the answer — and they’ll stop at nothing to keep you away from it.

Designed in the UK