Mini Me

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We believe the Mini Me is the perfect gift because it makes you laugh, makes you cry, comforts you when you need it and is totally custom to you.
As a manufacturer of innovative and quirky personalised gifts, we launched the product in early 2018. The first ever Mini Me was based on a Voodoo theme design, the Mini Me has now matured into a huge range for customers to choose from. The Mini Me is CE tested and approved.
The range includes categories for kids, everyday occupations including NHS workers and trades people, hoodies, pyjamas, and hilarious joke outfits! We also now offer a pet shaped range, where customers can upload their pets faces and add a custom name.
Not only is the range versatile, we have elements to compliment every gifting holiday including happy birthday badges, hen and stag designs, ‘super-mum’ for mother’s day, ‘beer belly’ for father’s day and a Christmas collection.
Alongside the development of the Mini Me product, we have streamlined the production process behind the product to enable the manufacturing of up to 4,000 Mini Me’s per day from point of sale to dispatch without hindering the design or product.
The Mini Me is a simple concept with huge potential, that has generated amazing sales figures and feedback from our customers and current drop shippers.
Currently in the final stages of Trademark approval, we have huge plans for the Mini Me brand including expanding on the licensing aspect, adding voice recorders, developing a heat pack Mini Me… the list goes on!

Materials Description

The outer is made from Scuba fabric, which is a type of double knit polyester and spandex, with a very fine gauge thread, and smooth texture.

The inner is made from corovin and is custom cut using a laser machine, and filled with fibre. Every element is done in-house, from printing to sewing.

Product Launched 01/01/2018

Category: Novelty

Highly Commended
Minimise yourself, your friends or your pets into super cute and hilarious tiny cushion-like toys. An undoubtedly versatile gift from a range that has been adapted to suit every occasion.
RRP: £19.99

For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Mrs Chloe Flaherty
L&S Prints Digital
Tel: 01535608845

Jayne Seaton
L&S Prints Digital
Tel: 01535608845

Product Dimensions

Width = 460mm

Depth = 100mm

Height = 330mm

300Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • The original Mini Me! Minimise yourself, your friends, your pets or your idols into super cute and hilarious tiny cushion-like toys. With a huge variety of designs, we have a Mini Me for everyone.

Designed in the UK