F*ck It List

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Our F*ck It List is here to help you do as much or as little as you want. Sleep, eat and party your way through this list as you challenge yourself to truly discover who you are. Once you’ve completed one of the 100 experiences, scratch off the panel and reveal the tribute illustration as a reminder of the feats you have achieved.

Materials Description

1x Card Box
1x Card Poster

Product Launched 01/10/2021

Category: Novelty

Do you ever just want to say f*ck it? Well this list is designed to help you let loose and do precisely that. From ditching that salad you were meant to eat for some fried chicken, to heading down to the casino with your best friends to win big.
RRP: £12.99

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Product Dimensions

Width = 460mm

Depth = 85mm

Height = 80mm

1Piece in the range

POS Available:

  • Complete 100 of the best 'middle finger to the world' activities!

Designed in the UK