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The Breton Collection is my best selling jewellery range and is the only one I redesign and adapt every year as it is so popular. It is inspired by my childhood summers spent in Brittany and the west coast of France. The new Breton Collection 2021 is playful, whilst elegant, chic and so French!
It captures the classic bright primary colours I associate with the coast. They are reminiscent of the colours of the sea, the sun and some of the boating paraphernalia. It also borrows its distinctive stripe pattern, my all-time favourite. The shapes of the various earrings and necklaces are based on the shapes of buoys, boats, paddles and everything related to the beach.
The collection includes earrings, stud earrings and necklaces. The earrings are particularly popular, with a selection of studs and long earrings. There are 2 designs of necklaces, 1 short and 1 small to offer variation and also different price point.
A lot of thought has gone into the creation of the Breton Collection from concept to final product. It is a very personal line with a story. I wanted to include a bit of my heritage with customers. Personally, I like to know how an idea for a product started, or what motivated its creation. This kind of information is very appealing to me as a buyer, so I thought it would be good to share it with my customers.
The Breton collection is always a conversation starter at show and I also receive many emails from clients who said that they have received many compliments on wearing their jewellery.
The carefully designed and handcrafted Breton pieces are designed to lift the spirit of the wearer. Colours are a therapy and I tried to inject as much happiness as possible in the Breton collection.

Materials Description

Polymer clay (a man-made clay) and sterling silver are the 2 main materials I use to produce my range of jewellery. Polymer clay is a malleable clay which hardens once it is cured. I like to leave the clay raw (unvarnished) as it is a very tactile medium, and I sand the pieces to a beautiful eggshell finish.
All the earring findings are sterling silver.

Product Launched 01/03/2021

Category: Fashion Accessories

Highly Commended
Vivid colours and bold patterns define the Breton collection, which is inspired by childhood memories of summer holidays in Brittany and on the west coast of France. Bright and beautifully handcrafted pieces are sure to lift the spirit of the wearer.
Long necklace - La Baule RRP: £65.00
Short necklace - Concarneau RRP: £42.00

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Mrs Nadege Honey
Nadege Honey Design
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Product Dimensions

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21Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • Earrings are presented on a white card with my logo. Necklaces and bracelets have a similar tag (smaller) with the logo. All jewellery is supplied with its own cotton pouch stamped with my logo/name

Designed in the UK