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Just Trade is a design-led jewellery and accessories brand built around the interests of the people who make our products. Working in collaboration with makers in Peru, Ecuador, India and Vietnam, we believe in a system of trade that prioritises producers, communities and the environment.

Normally we travel on an annual basis to each of these projects to offer technical skills and design training, work on quality control and collaborate on new collections. During these trips we also ensure that the highest welfare standards are up held and set goals for improvement. Between us we are constantly looking to provide fairly paid meaningful work opportunities for marginalised people, especially women.

This collection was designed in collaboration with Lizet, Paty, Cristina, Naty, Ruthi, Lucie and Diana from the Hope Jewellery Project based in Lima, Peru. Due to the pandemic this year design workshops were run by The Just Trade Team from our Peckham studio over Zoom and followed up by practical making sessions and sampling in the Hope Jewellery workshop in Lima, with refinements and quality control issues being made via Whatsapp.

Launched at Top Drawer A/W 2021 the collection has had a fantastic response from existing and new wholesale customers alike with numerous re orders. The wholesale price points range from £5 - £20 and retail price points from £14 - £50, making it accessibly priced for gifting. From the simple "Pearl Drop Large Earrings" to the "Pearl Chain Studs" it offers something for a wide range of customers from classic everyday wear to party statement pieces.

Each piece is packed either on a tent card enabling the product to be displayed easily in store with information about the project in which it was made.

All paper packaging and printed materials are printed on FSC certified stock.

The cello bags we use for our jewellery are biodegradable. The bags are produced in the UK from film that has been accredited as ‘OK biobased’ and DIN EN 13432. They are made from annually renewable PLA derived from corn or similar starches (potato etc.) which means that they break down to CO2 and water.

We are proud members of BAFTS - Fair Trade Network UK.

Materials Description

The collection is made from hand cut and finished brass components, combined with freshwater pearls and gold plated chain and earring hooks. All off cuts of brass are melted down and recycled into wire to make earring hooks.

Product Launched 12/09/2021

Category: Fashion Accessories

This versatile collection of pearl jewellery has something for every occasion. The pearls are carefully combined with gold plated chain and skilfully hand cut textured pieces of brass, to create this stylish range. Ethically handmade in Peru.
This delicate collection of pearls has something for every occasion. The fresh water pearls in this piece are carefully combined with hand cut and beautifully finished textured brass. With gold plated earring hooks and chain. RRP: £14.00

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