Bamboo Bee Revival Kit

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Take your bee saving to a new level.

Our keyring contains an energising sugar water for bees with a selection of our UK bees’ favourite flowers in the form of seedballs to help more of our fuzzy friends. This dual function not only equips you for bee emergencies during the warmer months, but also allows you to provide a natural source of food with its convenient, portable seeds to scatter. By planting wildflowers you’ll be giving our hungry bees a helping hand for the future and replacing essential habitat that is quickly being lost.

This lightweight, smooth keyring, in calming neutrals, is made from 100% sustainably sourced bamboo to assure you that your bee rescues are conserving our (and their) world.

Feel proud that you are taking an active part in sustaining our forests as we plant a tree to replenish the source we used to create your keyring.

BOTTLE: During Spring and Summer carry the little bottle inside the keyring ready for your own spontaneous encounter. After identifying a tired bee and looking for flowers first, remove the cork from the bottle using a twisting motion. Tap the side of the bottle with you finger to dispense a few drops of solution beside the tired bee.

SEEDBALLS: During Spring and Autumn, safely store your bottle and pop up to 3 seedballs into your keyring. When you next come across a spot in need of a bee-friendly touch, simply scatter the seedballs on top of soil 10cm apart. Once the flowers bloom they will provide an essential source of food and energy that the bees will just love!

Key features:

 Custom stamped dual use keyring - Each kit comes with a handful of wildflower seedballs and a pre-filled bottle, containing an ambrosia bee food syrup.

 Attach to your keys to save a bee in emergency during the warmer months or scattering seeds planting for the future during the others.

 Refillable glass bottle with natural custom cork top.

 Includes ‘Welcome to the team’ leaflet and instructions for use, made from 100% recycled fibres.

 Delivered in an environmentally sustainable box which contains at least 70% recycled content.

 We plant one tree for every single keyring purchased.

 Designed and assembled in Devon using components sourced from the UK, EU and China.

Materials Description

FSC Certified Bamboo
Custom stamped alloy metal keychain
Portuguese biodegrable cork
Borosilite glass bottle containing an ambrosia® bee food syrup
UK native seedballs

Product Launched 08/12/2021

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Category: Fashion Accessories

Highly Commended
Save more bees. Anywhere, anytime. The perfect companion or bee gift for bee-lovers looking for an all-year-round bee saver kit. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo; a dual use keyring for sowing seeds, planting trees and saving bees.
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For Trade Enquiries Only please contact:

Faye Whitley
Beevive Ltd
Tel: 07890556098

Product Dimensions

Width = 105mm

Depth = 18mm

Height = 160mm

4Pieces in the range

POS Available:

  • Etsy
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  • Various independent stockists

Designed in the UK